12 'Encanto' Memes Parents Can Relate To

Need a break from Bruno? These hilarious Encanto parenting memes are the distraction you didn't know you needed.

Mirabel Encanto
Photo: Disney.

If you can't stop thinking about Encanto—or the magical Madrigal family—you're not alone. The animated feature, which made its theatrical debut in November 2021 and hit Disney+ on December 24, is beloved by families everywhere. The film has a massive following, thanks (in part) to its brilliant music, casting, and animation. Heck, it even got therapists talking, specifically about the film's handling of cultural trauma and its deeper meaning.

Social media users know that the movie's songs aren't the only thing catching on. Encanto memes are popping up everywhere—and about every subject. Here are some of our favorite relatable Encanto memes about parenting, which are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

1. Because Every Family Has One

2. Parents Everywhere 'Waiting On a Miracle'—or Some Peace

3. But You Do

4. The Struggle Is Real

5. Let's Not Forget Computers, TVs, and Tabletops

6. With Kids There Are No Secrets

7. Parents, Every Day

8. Parents, Every Night

9. How I'll Send My Kids to College

10. I'm Not Fine

11. Because We Don't Talk About Bruno

12. Everything Is A-OK

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