15 Holiday Movies to Watch with the Kids

Grab the popcorn, cuddle up on the sofa, and celebrate the spirit of the season together with these old (and new!) holiday classics.


[MUSIC] Holiday Movies. What to watch when: everyone needs a good laugh after way too much time at the mall. Elf. Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. When: you're packing for grandma and grandpa's. Home Alone. When: your family begs you to buy a bigger tree. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Just needs a little love :). When: you wake up to the first big snowfall (or you're all wishing for some!). Frosty the Snowman. To the north pole! When: your kids just won't stop fighting. Frozen. When: they really, really, REALLY want something special. A Christmas Story. You'll shoot your eye out! When: your big kid starts wondering about you-know-who. Rise of the Guardians. The real deal. Now you know exactly how to get your family in the holiday spirit. 

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