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These Disney Princesses Are the Best Role Models, According to New Survey

Kids may be spending more time in front of the TV these days, but a recent survey says they're finding positive role models in their Disney faves.
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Pixar's First Gay Main Character Arrives in Moving Disney+ Short Film

When a man has trouble coming out to his parents, a pair of fairy god-pets swap his body with his dog and he learns a valuable lesson.
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The 50 Best Movies for Kids

Check out some of the best kid-friendly films of all time.
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20 Classic Movies Families Can Watch Together

Cozy up on the couch! We ranked these pre-1999 flicks with help from Common Sense Media, entertainers, and experts who have movie nights with their kids.
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'Hamilton' Movie With Original Broadway Cast to Drop in July on Disney+

The filmed performance of Hamilton's original Broadway cast will get released more than a year earlier than initially announced.