Kid YouTube Stars: A Parents Guide

From Nastya to Vlad and Niki, Jannie and Wendy to Diana and Roma, here are the kids on YouTube who children around the globe can't get enough of.

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From camping adventures to cinema "challenges," YouTube offers up a treasure trove of eye candy-esque content for kids. And they don't only love the fact that these videos are set to upbeat kid-friendly music and peppered with bold, bright animated details. (Though those aspects surely don't hurt.) It's no surprise that children adore YouTube series featuring children just like them—but who also happen to be famous thanks to their content.

While mainstream, youth-loved stars like Blippi obviously ring a bell to most parents, you might not be super-familiar with all the children making their mark on the video platform. Here, a roundup of today's most popular kid stars on YouTube.

1. Ryan Kaji

From pretend play to science experiments, music videos to skits, challenges to DIY arts and crafts, 10-year-old Ryan Kaji is the star behind this beloved channel for preschoolers. Since 2015—when he was just 4 years old!—he has appeared in clips alongside his mom Loann, dad Shion, and twin sisters Emma and Kate on his channel "Ryan's World." He also appears on the channel "Kaji Family," and he works on the Nick Jr. show Ryan's Mystery Playdate.

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers and young elementary schoolers

Number of Subscribers: 32.4 million

How Much He Makes: Kaji is consistently listed among the highest-paid YouTubers. The Kaji family's efforts have allowed them to strike various licensing and brand deals, such as a line of toys, clothes, home and decor, and more for Target. In 2021, he earned $27 million.

2. Nastya

An 8-year-old named Anastasia "Nastya" Radzinskaya who immigrated from Russia with her parents has wracked up millions of views by playing, learning, singing, exploring, and sharing her life experiences on her YouTube channel "Like Nastya" since 2016. Last year, she got the most hits on videos that covered how to decorate Halloween cupcakes as well as spending time with her BFFs Evelyn and Adrian.

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers and young elementary schoolers

Number of Subscribers: 92.2 million

How Much She Makes: Nastya has a merchandise line available at Target, deals with Dannon and Legoland, as well as a NFT collection. Forbes reports she's worth at least $28 million.

3. Jannie, Wendy, and Emma

Emma, Wendy, and Jannie are siblings and the stars of YouTube channel "Toys and Colors," which features clips that center on pretend play and the kids doing sketches, many of which have educational value. Consider one that's centered around learning math and another about going to the dentist.

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers

Number of Subscribers: 35.6 million

How Much They Make: The kids behind "Toys and Colors" are reportedly worth between $28.5 million to $79.1 million.

4. Diana & Roma

Eight-year-old Diana and her 9-year-old brother Roma, siblings from Ukraine, star alongside their parents Olena and Volodymyr on "Kids Diana Show," one of the most viewed YouTube channels in the U.S. It features the siblings getting into hybrid live-action and animated adventures. The channel has been active since 2015, attracting over 200+ million worldwide subscribers and 100+ billion views.

The family loves connecting with their audience. As mom Olena tells, "In fact, when we see children from around the world in person, they usually act like they know Diana and Roma because of all the time they've spent together on YouTube. Diana likes it because she always has friends anywhere she goes."

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers

Number of Subscribers: 94.7 million

How Much They Make: Given various merchandising deals, including Love, Diana - The Princess of Play, a lifestyle brand available at Walmart, featuring dolls, plush toys, hair accessories, jewelry, furniture, playsets, and more, the siblings' estimated net worth is $25 million.

5. Vlad & Niki

Vladislav "Vlad" Vashketov, 9, and Nikita "Niki" Vashketov, 6, are Miami, Florida-based brothers and the stars of this "global preschool phenomenon." Their series hinges on their imaginative personalities and antics, featuring the boys sharing stories, playing with toys, engaging in pretend play. Clips feature a mix of live action, animation, and music. Initially launching as a toy channel in 2018, the brothers now average five billion monthly views across 21 channels that are translated into 18 languages.

Of the venture, mom Victoria Vashketov told People, "The boys saw other videos and were inspired. They would laugh and it was infectious. When they asked if we can start making their own videos and become 'bloggers,' my husband Sergey and I said, 'Why not?' Sergey started shooting fun videos on the weekends when he wasn't working. We would edit them in his spare time and then we began posting."

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers

Number of Subscribers: 81.3 million

How Much They Make: The boys have a deal with Playmates Toys and earn an estimated $71.69 million a year.

6. Evan Breeze

Sixteen-year-old toy reviewer Evan is the face behind "EvanTubeHD" as well as "EvanTubeRaw" and "EvanTubeGaming." He and his family — sister Jillian and their parents — have been on the platform since 2011. They even have a family channel called "The Tube Family." He's best known for showcasing toys and gadgets as well as doing challenges and science experiments. Fans of Minecraft, Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Roblox, and other games will love seeing him game with his dad.

Most Appropriate For: Tweens and teens

Number of Subscribers: 7.05 million

How Much They Make: The family is estimated to be worth up to $5.74 million.

7. Everleigh Rose

Nine-year-old Everleigh Rose Soutas, who has been on the platform since 2016, is best known for her dancing (she participates on a competition team), singing, and playing with her baby dolls. She started out, like many kid stars on the site, doing videos about toys, but these days, her clips tend to center around dance.

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers and young elementary schoolers

Number of Subscribers: 3.88 million

How Much They Make: According to The Sun, Soutas' most recent net worth reported was estimated at $1.8 million.

8. Taytum Fisher and Oakley Fisher

These 5-year-old twins star on their family's YouTube channel "The Fishfam," which showcases the Fishers' day-to-day experiences. Think: a family-friendly reality show. Most recently, they documented the labor and delivery of their new baby boy and bringing the little one home. Fans of Jojo Siwa will also appreciate her appearances on the channel.

Most Appropriate For: Preschoolers and young elementary schoolers

Number of Subscribers: 4.36 million

How Much They Make: The twins reportedly have a combined net worth of $1 million and counting.

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