The Best iPhone Apps for Parents

iFood Assistant by Kraft
Check out 15 of the best iPhone apps for busy parents, from budget and chore trackers to meal-time planners.


iHomeopathy is an "at your fingertips" guide to treating first-aid emergencies, childhood ailments and common illnesses.

User Review: "This is a very useful app for health/first-aid issues that come up all the time with my family and my patients! No more looking up in books. Thank you for creating a quality app!" --cr38m (5 stars)

BabyBrain: Your Baby Log

Baby Brain holds unlimited data or your baby's activities. Log when your baby was fed, changed, slept, or needed medicine. You can use this application for multiple babies too.

User Review: "The app I had before just didn't cut it. This one has everything I need for keeping track of my baby: diapers, bottle and breast, sleeping, this app is great!!"-- wadoryuguru (5 stars)


Keep pictures, track weight and growth, record all trips to the doctor and keep first-time events of your baby on your phone. The newest feature to iBearBaby is sound recording.

User Review: "Well done. Only regret that iPhones and such programs did not exist when my elder kids were smaller. Now I am using this app for my sweet Jennifer. Hope to show her everything later (she is only 1 now)." -- Joking Mad (4 stars)

Baby Pack & Go - To Do & Travel Packing List

Baby Pack & Go is an extensive packing and travel checklist tailored for parents and caregivers. If an item doesn't exist in the catalog you can add it in. This application also comes with ready-made lists for the really busy family.

User Review: "This app is exactly what my wife and I have been looking for. Being organized is not my forte. However, with this app I am pretty sure that I will be much more organizes and less frustrated whenever we go out with the baby." -- reg and liza (5 stars)


A baby monitor right on your phone. Babyphone will call a preset phone number to notify you that your baby is awake. Set the sensitivity feature higher and it will notify you if he even moves.

User Review: "This is amazing. Works like a pro. I use this every day. No matter where he falls asleep our 4 month old can "call me" when he wakes up. I have the sensitivity turned up and if he even spits out his paci the house phone rings." -- Lafamac (5 stars)


As a new parent, sleep might be a thing of the past, but MagicSleep will help both you and your baby sleep well. This app recreates sounds inside the womb that soothe and ease you into sleep. Babies, children, and adults fall asleep faster and more deeply.

User Review: "My 5 month old was fighting sleep terribly. I tried the lite version on him and it was amazing. Put him out usually in less than one minute. So I tried it on myself and WOW! Great for rejuvenating power nap or a good solid night's sleep. Best sleep aid on the market!!" --beausmom (5 stars)

Family Matters

The Family Matters application is designed to help you engage all your family members of any age. Some of the questions and activities are simple, while others are deeper and probing. You can choose from hundreds of location-driven activities.

User Review: "We needed this. It solved a problem and added some fun when we go out to dinner. No more begging if they can play a video game in the restaurant while we wait. Now we talk to each other." --blexyz (5 stars)

Bank of Mom

Bank of Mom sets up bank accounts for each of your kids. With these, your children can withdraw and deposit while learning the importance of financial responsibility.

User Review: "My wife and I used to have a chart in the kitchen to keep track of this type of stuff. This is pretty useful while on the go. Especially with two kids at the mall."--Fullsizespare (5 stars)

SurfBalance Safe Browser for Kids

SurfBalance combines a fun, full-screen mobile Web browser with unique parental control features that go beyond Web site filtering. You can guide, limit, and verify your child's Web usage.

User Review: "Found this new app after a running battle with 9 yr old cruising web on my phone...offers real peace of mind by blocking inappropriate sites and suggesting a lot of really fun and interesting new sites." --Calif mom22 (4 stars)

Potty Chart

Potty Chart is a potty training aid set up as a simple and effective rewards system to encourage your toddler to use the toilet. It also comes equipped with tips resources on when to start potty training, things to avoid, and what to do when your child resists.

User Review: "I'm just starting potty training my son and this has been a big help. He loves the motivation and praise he gets and it's even better that it's 'on mommy's phone!' Thanks!" -- momtwothree (5 stars)


HomeBudget is an expense tracker designed to help you budget, log, and control your monthly expenses. You can set a budget and make sure you're on track to sticking to it.

User Review: "Wonderful app. Detailed. I LOVE the sub categories. Pics of receipts is a wonderful thing especially the ones with warranty. Makes it much easier for me to find original receipt."--Dallasrags (5 stars)

Chore Bank

Chore Bank allows you to create a virtual bank account for each of your kids. You can set up a chore list and assign a monetary value to each chore. As your kids complete them assign the money into their "bank accounts."

User Review: "This is a wonderful program! It is by far the best allowance app. My kids are cleaning like crazy! We have added behavior chores also." --Slurple88 (4 stars)


DadLabs is an edgy and informative video network for dads and the women who love and/or tolerate them. It includes tips and advice from veteran dads on parenting, fatherhood, children, and their wives. Tune in for the issues of the day.

User Review: "Love this app. Finally parenting help from men. These are amazing videos that give great information about being a dad. These videos make it ok to be a guy and a father." --Aaron2772 (5 stars)

iEmergency ICE Family Pro

This "in case of emergency" application contains all medical information for your family members and phone numbers of family, friends, and physicians.

User Review: "Most extensive 'ICE' program available. I am impressed with the current version and cannot wait to see updates."--_jestor_ (4 stars)

iFood Assistant by Kraft Foods

iFood Assistant delivers a Recipe of the Day and an idea for dinner tonight. The recipes are simple, include photos and tips and a grocery list is provided for you.

User Review: "This cook app is fabulous! Extremely well designed interface?can't recommend enough!"--Gerard k (5 stars)

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