The Best iPhone Apps for Moms-to-Be

Baby Names Plus
Track your pregnancy, find baby names, get the latest health tips and more with these iPhone applications for expectant moms.

Ovulation Calendar

When trying to conceive, it's important to know when you're the most fertile and ovulating. By tracking the date of your last period, the average period length and the Luteal Phase, the Ovulation Calendar will generate a monthly chart detailing your most fertile days.

User Review: "This app is so convenient and works! My husband I conceived on our first try following the ovucalculator calendar." --Nash09 (5 stars)

Baby Time- Pregnancy Contraction Timer

Baby Time - Pregnancy Contraction Timer helps time contraction intervals and the intensity of them, making it easier for you to prepare. It will compare your contractions to medical averages to predict what phase of labor you're currently in.

User Review: "I'm showing this off to all our L&D nurses as we speak! They love it and plan on telling all their patients and docs to recommend it! Best app for this use, hands down!" -- Dave Snoble (5 stars)

Pilates for Pregnancy Complete

The creator of the award-winning Prenatal Pilates DVD and author of the Pilates and Pregnancy Workbook brings an interactive exercise and pregnancy organizer to the palm of your hand with Pilates for Pregnancy-Complete. This application gives you exercises and to-do lists that correspond to which trimester you're currently in.

User Review: "Brilliant! The perfect "feel good" on the go app!" --Amandaap (5 stars)

Pregnancy Calendar

Congratulations! You've started the incredible journey of pregnancy. Pregnancy Calendar will allow you to plan and track your pregnancy by the day, record doctor's appointments and vital stats on mom and baby, check your nutrition intake, and make a detailed birth plan.

User Review: "Quite handy to keep a log of critical statistics and write down useful information and ideas. The charting feature is helpful to understand the trend at a glance. And it's convenient to do the baby count kick in bed" --triciaritt (5 stars)


Expecting is a great aid for your pregnancy. Whether you're the mom- or dad-to-be, this tool can help you along the way. It gives you your due date, tips and facts you should know week by week, a contraction timer, and an easy-to-use checklist. There is also a contacts database for you to store your OB/GYN, pediatrician, hospital, family, and friends' phone numbers for quick access on the big day.

User Review: "Great app and worth getting. Especially the notes feature." --scrappnfreak (5 stars)

Prenatal Smart

Prenatal Smart gives you quick and easy access to which foods to avoid and which foods are safe to eat. A search function makes it easy to find the facts on the food you're about to eat.

User Review: "Really useful, I use it all the time, there's no way I can keep track of all this in my head." --iratedthis (5 stars)

Pregnancy Safety

Find information from multiple sources on the products, food, and activities that could pose a risk to your pregnancy.

User Review: "This one is easy to use and very reliable! I have used it several times and it's specifically useful to be able to check the sources since there are so many different opinion out there." -- Dungas (5 stars)


Keep your pregnancy progression in one place. iPregnancy combines baby and mom information throughout the pregnancy with an OB visit tracker to make pregnancy a little easier on the mom-to-be.

User Review: "Very helpful app. I've enjoyed it during the duration of my pregnancy. The recent update done was great. Nice place to keep all of my pregnancy information." --Due Soon! (5 stars)

Woman Calendar

The Woman Calendar is a lifestyle calendar for couples trying to conceive. It enables you to make plans around your fertility cycles by logging data such as menstrual periods, basal body temperature, and ovulation, as well as the ability to back up the data.

User Review: "I've tried other tracking apps but this one is by far the best. I have a shorter cycle than normal and after entering in a few cycles worth of data the forecast is 100% right!" --Efjack (5 stars)


BabyBump is a pregnancy app that keeps you informed about your pregnancy and provides tracking tools. You can track your baby's kicks, how your body and baby are changing, and, when it's time, your contractions.

User Review: "This app is fantastic it has everything you need. A place for pictures weight gain chart, kick counter, contraction log information. It's excellent!" --Mama2x (5 stars)

mPregnancy - for Men with Pregnant Women

Get the dad-to-be on track with your pregnancy, too, with mPregnancy. This application is targeted specifically to men with a pregnant partner. It contains useful facts for men during pregnancy, not only about the baby, but what's going on with you - in terms men will understand.

User Review: "This is a really cute and funny app for the men in our lives...I like that it gives good facts and information while also being funny about the "man's eye view" of pregnancy." --Car uh (5 stars)

Baby Motion

Around 28 weeks, your doctor will ask you to track your baby's movements each day. Baby Motion enables you to measure how long it takes for your baby to make 10 movements. You can e-mail the results to yourself or your doctor.

User Review: "Hey would be moms, try this app. It's so realistic, I am so happy using it!"--Jayita (5 stars)


MyOBGYN offers answers to women's health questions. There is an option for pregnant or nonpregnant women. You can find answers to your fertility, conception, and pregnancy questions.

User Review: "Wow! This is really a great app. It's comprehensive resource of women's health information." (5 stars)

Baby Names

Baby Names is a practical and up-to-date application that helps make choosing a baby name a lot of fun. Each name entry contains insight into the origin and meaning. You can also easily e-mail your favorites to friends and family.

User Review: "This feature comes in handy with our family planning. It's way cute and easy to use!" (5 stars)

Baby Names Plus

Baby Names Plus is a functional tool for you to find or create the perfect name for your baby. You can search for names by origin, popularity, gender, or meaning and create lists of your favorites.

User Review: "A must-have app for any parents to-be. So much better than all the other baby names apps. Considering how good this app is, I am surprised this app doesn't cost more." --Mustard mountain (5 stars)

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