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FamilyFun's picks for the latest in kids' gear

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One Flashy Feline

Mark Mantegna

Roll the Eyelights Flashlight on the ground to light up the kitty's bright LED eyes. Press the button to make them glow, flash, or change colors.

Ages 3 to 7, Battat, $11.95

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Mark Your Page With Style

Book Aid

These origami-style Magnetic Bookmarks use tiny magnets to clamp onto a piece of paper.

Ages 5 and up, Girl of All Work, $8.95 for 5; japanistic.com

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School Gear

Big Apple Buddies

Big Apple Buddies Lunch Bags sport friendly faces on the outside and ample storage for lunches inside.

Ages 3 to 7, Built NY, $20

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Take a Note

Playtime for Kids Pads

Playtime for Kids Pads are a series of clever activity prompts for kids. Each one comes with 40 tear-off checklists, meaning lots of repeat play. And with eight themes to pick from, there's a plethora of creative choices: sketch and display artwork with I'm an Artist, for example, or encourage and keep track of new experiences (I took a bite of broccoli!) with I Tried It.

Ages 5 and up, Knock Knock, $6.50 each

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Colorful Cover-ups for Drizzly Days

Rain Ponchos

Outfit puddle-jumpers for rainy-day fun with these oh-so-cute plastic Rain Ponchos. We love the face-framing details on the six different styles, especially the flower's petals and the tiger's perky ears. Handy snaps beneath the arms hold the garment in place.

Ages 3 to 6. Stephen Joseph, $18

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Writing Gear

Duckie Pens

These dapper Duckie Pens are sure to meet any school's dress code.

Ages 6 and up, Mina, $1.50 each; japanistic.com

Originally published in the May, September, October, and November 2012 issues of FamilyFun

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