Before you were a mom, your smartphone was your life. Now there's a darling, diapered little person in that role. Where does that leave your former electronic appendage?


Favorite Contacts

Before Kids: Your best friend was at the top of your favorite contacts list.

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After Kids: Your pediatrician is at the top of your favorite contacts list.

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Your Kids + Screentime Mantra

BK: "I'll never use a screen to babysit my child."

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AK: "Mommy's going to have a glass of wine, and you're going to get to pop some more bubbles!"

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Your Phone Case

BK: Cute, white, and bedazzled

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AK: Rubberized, shatterproof, and filthy

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Location, Location...

BK: You knew where that thing was 24/7.

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AK: "Did you check the sand box? How about the toilet?"

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App Count

BK: 22

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AK: It would take you 22 minutes to count how many apps you have.

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Most Frequently Used Apps

BK: TED and Plenty of Fish

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AK: Too Many Teddy Bears and SquiggleFish

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Photog Status

BK: You took a hundred pictures a year.

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AK: You take a hundred pictures an hour.

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Your Music Playlist

BK: An homage to indie rock (Arctic Monkeys, anyone?)

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AK: An homage to kindie rock (Recess Monkey, anyone?)

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Texts to Your Partner

BK: "Baby, I'm gonna rock your world tonight."

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AK: "Tonight's your turn to rock the baby."

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Most Frequently Used Emoji

BK: Wine glass

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AK: Smiling poop

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Tracking Bowel Movements

BK: ...simply was not something you did.

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AK: Yup...there's an app for that.

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