just announced a passion project surrounding vintage '80s teen books, like Sweet Valley High, now available for purchase on their site. It's your younger self's bookworm dream come true.

By Maressa Brown
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Credit: Always Fits

If you grew up in the '80s and even '90s, there's a chance you devoured not just the beloved Baby-Sitters Club series, but also tons of Sweet Valley High tomes. Maybe you also buried your nose in The Boyfriend Club or The Stepsisters or Girl Talk series. Really, there was nothing better than lying by the pool on a hot summer day with one of these teen drama-packed novels. And now the website, Always Fits, is bringing them back and making summer 2018 so much more nostalgic for '80s babies!

Ashley Judge, the President of the 9-year-old woman-owned, woman-operated online gift shop, explains to, "This is my own passion project. Born in 1982, mommy to a 5 year old girl, lover of rainbows and the 80’s. I’m just so obsessed with 80’s books! We’ve spent the past year literally scouring the globe for vintage Sweet Valley High and vintage 80’s teen books—we have THOUSANDS! The collection we've amassed is the stuff that 80's teen dreams are made of!"

And seriously, all you have to do is glimpse a couple shots of the collection she's talking about, and you'll be transported back in time.

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Credit: Always Fits
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Credit: Always Fits

The site is currently selling a Sweet Valley High Book & Pin Set for $18, and you get an original book printed somewhere between 1983 to 1994. ("Because of their vintage, pre-owned nature, these books may include signs of slight wear and tear with faded colors and worn out edges. Books may contain highlighting, textual notations, and/or underlining. All pages and covers are intact and easily readable. has worked very diligently to only select books in the best possible quality!") Alongside the book, you'll receive a handmade enamel pin. Yes, A PIN (!!) sporting art from the cover of the SVH classic title Secrets.

They also have a Mystery 3-Pack of Vintage 1980's Young Adult & Teen Books for $18, and you get three random vintage, original books from the '80s. Will you get The Makeover Campaign? Or maybe Eat Your Heart Out, Victoria Chubb? A Beverly Cleary title? (OMG, remember her? Ramona!) Who knows!? It's a mystery, and that's part of the amazing fun.

As Judge points out, even if you weren't a teen in the '50s, you may still love vintage dress silhouettes. (Seriously, A-line FTW!) "Every 80’s gal needs to send one of these to their besties this summer," she notes. "The nostalgia feels are INSANE! You don’t have to have been raised in the 80’s to love them. The 80’s captivate us all!" Not to mention that '80s bookworms may want to gift these vintage treasures to daughters who are now pre-teens. But if your kiddo is still a bit too young to be exposed to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's misadventures (well, who are we kidding, it was always Jessica, right?), the debut of Always Fit's collections seems like the perfect opportunity to take your own sweet walk down memory lane.


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