6 Funny Facts About Dr. Seuss

Mark your calendars: March 2 is the 21st anniversary of Read Across America Day, which is also Dr. Seuss's 114th birthday! Oh, the more fun facts you'll know if you keep reading below...

1. He often came up with story ideas by doodling.

2. His friend bet that he couldn’t write a book with just 50 different words, and so, Green Eggs and Ham was born.

3. He kept a closet full of wacky hats. Whenever he was stumped writing, he’d put on a suitable hat to help the words flow.

Inside Dr. Seuss Imagine That
Peter Ardito

4. It took him over a year to write Cat in the Hat—and it only uses 236 different words!

5. His full name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, but his friends called him Ted.

6. He published 44 picture books before he died in 1991.

Little Girl Reading Dr. Seuss The Sneetches Book
Grace Huang

Source: Imagine That! How Dr. Seuss Wrote The Cat in the Hat by Judy Sierra

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