Books That Boost Manners

How kids can read their way to proper etiquette.

Toby's Please and Thank You
By Cyndy Szekeres
Introduce your toddler to the basics of manners with Cyndy Szekeres' Toby. The little mouse touches on the building blocks of politeness by using "please" and "thank you," "excuse me," and "I'm sorry" throughout his daily activities.
(Ages infant to preschool)

Madeline Says Merci (The-Always-Be-Polite Book)
By John Bemelmans Marciano
Manners come to life with some help from Madeline. The famous little French girl learns etiquette essentials, from greeting people politely to writing proper thank-you notes.
(Ages 5-8)

    What Do You Know About Manners? (A Funny Quiz for Kids)
    By Cynthia MacGregor with Christine Zuchora-Walske
    Test your child's knowledge of social behavior with this 100-multiple-choice question quiz. A humorous answer and illustration accompany questions like, "What do you do when you want to borrow something?" or "What should you do if you break a drinking glass at a friend's house?" There's also a guide in the back of the book to help your child calculate her Manners Quotient.
    (Ages 6-12)

    365 Manners Kids Should Know
    By Sheryl Eberly
    Sheryl Eberly provides parents with a new etiquette lesson to teach their children each day for a year. Topics include behaving properly at home, conversation skills, and getting along with other kids. Many of the lessons are followed by a fun activity to give kids a chance to apply their new knowledge.

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