Storytime has reached new heights, all thanks to the men and women of the Global Space Education Foundation.
Your Kids Can Now Watch Astronauts Read Picture Books to Them From Space
Credit: pixabay/pexel

Make bedtime an out of this world experience with the help of the Global Space Education Foundation, the organization behind Story Time in Space. Your kids can listen to their favorite picture books courtesy of real-life astronauts floating in the abyss of space—how cool is that? Isn’t it incredible the recourses children have these days?

In a highly successful attempt to promote STEM education and reading, the non-profit education foundation launched Story Time in Space. Astronauts stationed on the International Space Station are even going the extra mile to conduct educational demonstrations that coincide with science concepts found in the children’s books.

“What better role models to engage kids in science and to engage them in reading?” Patricia Tribe, the former director of education at Space Center Houston who came up with the basis for the project, told the Huffington Post. “You’re not only looking and listening to the books, you’re looking around the International Space Station.”

A lot of behind-the-scenes prep goes into filming these stories. According to the Huffington Post, the team selects the book before getting it approved for a launch. Picking a book isn’t a simple matter, the team references lists and recommendations of STEM-focused books, perfect for a wide range of age groups. The approved books are labeled, cleaned, and sent to Florida for launch. An organization called CASIS (Center for the Advancement of Science in Space) helps get the books into orbit and after the reading is filmed, the video must be edited and uploaded to their site.

While some astronauts volunteer, others are encouraged to partake in Story Time in Space due to their educational background. The foundation also makes a great effort to diversify who is telling each story, in hopes of inspiring all little boys and girls, everywhere.

By taking advantage of the simple tradition that is story time, these astronauts are making a major impact on children. We can’t applaud these men and women enough for taking the time to bring a whole new level of adventure and wonder to the nighttime ritual.