We love Goodnight Moon. But trust us, your child's got to have these fabulous board books, too.


1. Daddy Kisses

Calling all fathers! Cuddle up with your baby, and read Anne Gutman's charming tale about how lions, rabbits, and frogs show their wee ones that they love them.

2. The Napping House

Find out how many creatures you can fit into one comfy bed. Audrey Wood's melodic tale will soothe your baby with its gentle rhymes. Warning: It may lull you to sleep too!

3. I Know a Rhino

A little girl has tea with a rhino, a bubble bath with a giraffe, and more adventures. Charles Fuge's crisp rhymes and lively drawings will make this one of your bedtime faves.

4. Dear Zoo

A child's search for the perfect pet goes off-track in Rod Campbell's funny lift-the-flap book. The repetitive pattern lets babies predict what comes next.

5. Pat the Bunny

Dorothy Kunhardt's timeless touch-and-feel classic has enthralled kids since 1940. The interactive book scores major points with babies -- who doesn't love to pat a soft bunny?

6. The Going to Bed Book

This classic from popular author Sandra Boynton has made nights easier for moms for more than two decades. It follows a ship full of animals as they take baths, brush their teeth, and hit the sheets.

7. Animals

Little kids are fascinated by creatures both big and small, and author Roger Priddy knows how to tap into this curiosity. Large, beautiful photos of real lions and zebras will wow your baby.

8. Freight Train

All aboard a brightly colored choo-choo book from Donald Crews. With a different boxcar on each page, it makes you feel as if you're actually watching the train pass by.

9. Baby Beluga

We love this board-book version of Raffi's most popular tune about a baby whale and his Eskimo, walrus, and dolphin friends. Ashley Wolff's lighthearted illustrations bring the song to life.

10. Where Is Baby's Belly Button?

Take peekaboo to the next level with Karen Katz's simple book, which helps little ones learn about eyes, lips, and other parts. Bonus: The big flaps are easy to lift.

11. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A blue horse, green frog, and yellow duck are some of the unforgettable animals your baby will spot in this colorful book by Bill Martin Jr. and beloved illustrator Eric Carle.

12. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

You'll have so much fun "klopp klopping" and "slurp slurping" as you read this Dr. Seuss classic that you'll be tempted to recite this goofy book of noises even when your baby isn't around!

13. My Car

Byron Barton's bold, chunky characters (think Fisher-Price's Little People) will grab your baby's attention. The book makes the most of its few words, explaining how Sam cares for his car.

14. Let's Play

In Leo Lionni's sweet and simple tale, two cute mice decide how to spend their time. Your baby will learn all the fun things friends can do, from a game of hide-and-seek to dress-up time.

15. Where's Spot?

Is Eric Hill's precocious puppy hiding behind the door, under the bed, or in a cabinet? Lift the flaps to find fun surprises that will tickle your baby.

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