10 Best YouTube Videos for Kids

These YouTube videos and their channels provide entertainment and education for children.

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March 31, 2019

When it comes to watching video content online, the platform most kids gravitate to is YouTube—ideally, YouTube Kids, aimed at children, and including a curated selection of content, parental control features, and filtering that is meant to keep the app free of inappropriate videos. It's not uncommon for little ones to be engaged by one clip after the next. Of course, parents want to be sure that the videos their kids are watching are more than just entertaining; they should be age-appropriate and ideally, educational, to boot. Here, 10 YouTube videos—and their home channels—that are smart picks for your kiddos.

1. ChuChuTV - Learn Shark Names for Children

Little ones obsessed with "Baby Shark" will enjoy this educational clip from ChuChuTV, which CommonSense Media, a non-profit focused on promoting safe technology and media for children, calls "an exceptional channel" that "teaches young kids with songs, rhymes."

2. Five Little Ducks - Little Baby Bum

Preschoolers love the "Little Baby Bum" channel for its vibrant animation and educational songs. And "Five Little Ducks" is one of their most-viewed videos, providing over an hour of learning and entertainment.

3. 10 Amazing Barbie Hacks - SimpleKidsCrafts

The SimpleKidsCrafts channel has been recognized among YouTube's Top Educational Kids Crafts Channels, and this clip is a roundup of simple Barbie crafts that will inspire L.O.s creativity.

4. These Dingo Pups Can Get Into a Lot of Trouble Unsupervised - The Smithsonian Channel

This clip on dingo pups is just one example of the educational clips provided by The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on their YouTube channel. Other clips teach kids about everything from hammerhead sharks to World War II.

5. Inside the Whale Warehouse - The Brain Scoop

This clip takes viewers inside the Smithsonian's "Whale Warehouse" to chat with Curator of Marine Mammals Dr. Michael McGowen. The channel is run by Chicago's Field Museum and offers kids other cool natural history lessons in videos like "Why Did King Tut Have a Flat Head?" and "The Human Biology Collection."

6. Elmo and Friends Find the Best Pet - Sesame Street

This popular clip from Sesame Street's YouTube channel provides nearly an hour of fun with Elmo. And the Sesame Street channel, as a whole, is exactly what you'd expect in terms of safe, educational, entertaining content from the 50-year-old brand.

7. Arnold the Ant - Cosmic Yoga for Kids

This popular, imaginative clip from the yoga channel for kids features an ant named Arnold who lives in an apple and dreams of going to space. By watching clips like these from the U.K.-based channel, kids will be inspired to get active and centered!

8. A brief history of dogs - David Ian Howe - TED-ED

This clip comes from the TED-Ed (from the nonprofit responsible for TED Talks) channel, which offers up videos for older kids that will challenge them with riddles or teach them about everything from literature to artists to biology.

9. For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President - SoulPancake

The SoulPancake YouTube channel is dedicated to serving up "brain batter" on art, culture, science, philosophy, and more. This entertaining, empowering clip features Kid President paying respect to "the kids and the grownups who are doing extraordinary things to make the world more awesome."

10. Frida Kahlo (Little People, Big Dreams series) - KidTimeStoryTime

This clip is the inspiring story of one of the world's most famous artists, read aloud from a storybook for kids. The channel, KidTimeStoryTime, features high-energy readings of kids' books.

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