Trolls: The Beat Goes On debuts on Netflix on January 19.


We're not quite sure how they do it, but somehow Netflix always manages to anticipate our parental needs. As we trudge through the cold, dark days of winter, the streaming service is dishing up a heaping dose of happy with Trolls: The Beat Goes On. Sending the 2016 feature film to series, the roughly half-hour episodes will pick up where the movie left off, with the Trolls and Bergens learning to live harmoniously.

While Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake aren't returning for voice over duties, their respective characters Queen Poppy and Branch will still headline the series, rejoined by many of your kiddo's other favorite Trolls.

What's making us so giddy about Trolls getting its very own Netflix gig? Oh, let us count the ways.

1. Yup, we're sentimental.

Admittedly, the brightly-coiffed characters make us nostalgic for our own childhood. It feels like just yesterday we were topping our pencils with mini trolls, attaching the fuzzy keychains to our backpacks, and combing out our doll's wild hair. Who knew their brethren were having such wild adventures back in Troll Village? The whole thing makes us want to throw our own manes into side ponies and draw hearts in a Lisa Frank notebook while listening to a New Kids on the Block cassette tape.

2. Queen Poppy is the hero we need in 2018.

She may be small, but Queen Poppy is mighty. Throughout the Netflix series the pink-haired powerhouse is determined to bridge relations between the inhabitants of Troll Village and the Bergens by offering kindness and finding common ground. In a climate where it feels like we could use a lot of that in the real world, it's a sweet message to send our kids and a lovely little escape from reality. At least in Trolls, maybe we really can all just get along.

3. We need new beats.

"Can't Stop the Feeling" has been stuck in our head for nearly two years and, let's face it, we're ready for a new earworm. Fortunately, Trolls: The Beat Goes On will have its very own soundtrack with six brand spankin' new songs. Without having heard them, we can't say for sure any of the tunes are the next "Happy" or the aforementioned Timberlake hit, but Netflix has a solid track record of producing programs with catchy music (we're looking at you Beat Bugs and Storybots). It feels like we're in good hands here (and the soundtrack is already available for pre-order on iTunes).

4. Snow days are long.

Seriously, they're really long. We've all read the studies about the importance of limiting screen time, but sometimes mama's gotta shower. Or hop on a work call. Or prep dinner. On those wintry days when school is closed and the weather is too harsh to play outside, we have a sinking suspicion we're going to get a lot of mileage out of this series. And, hey, it can always inspire a Trolls-themed dance party to get everyone's blood pumping to shake out that cabin fever. We'll take all of the help we can get, even if it's in the form of animation.

5. We need answers to some burning questions.

What happened to Bridget and King Gristle? These Bergens from opposite sides of the tracks seemed destined for love at the end of the movie, but are they still head over heels for each other in the series? High-profile romances are tough, even among fictional characters, but we're really rooting for Bridget and KG. And does Branch ever really ditch his curmudgeonly ways? There are some loose ends that need to be wrapped up, folks.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On debuts on Netflix on January 19.