3 Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss Out On

Looking for parenting-peer advice, insight, and some LOLs? We have the definitive list of free audio inspiration you can listen to like a bedtime story, from the comfort of your smartphone. 
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Sure, it's a parenting show, but it feels more like a gossip session with two funny guy friends who aren't afraid to make light of the craziness. Warning: No topic is off-limits, which keeps it refreshing. Episode to start with: Belly Casting With Chip and Zach! Free, iOS and Android; at iTunes Store or makingdadshow.com

When You're Stressed Out
Zen Parenting Radio

Married self-help gurus Todd Adams and Cathy Cassani Adams, who are raising three daughters, host enlightening discussions that make you feel like you're getting therapy sessions from two people you'd like to be friends with IRL. Episode to start with: Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat. Free, iOS and Android; at iTunes Store or zenparentingradio.com

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When You're Waiting for BabyPregnancy Confidential

Hosted in no-holds-barred detail by the editors of Parents, the episodes feature answers to quirky questions and real talk on all kinds of preggo predicaments that your friends might be too embarrassed to tell you about. Episode to start with: The one that aligns with how far along you are. Free, iOS and Android; at iTunes Store or parents.com/pregnancyconfidential

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