Welcome to the Jungle

Your little one's a party animal? A jungle-inspired them encourages tots to explore their wild side.

Go Bananas With the Invites:

No monkey-business here--guests simple peel the felt banana for party details.

Simple how-to: Trace our banana template onto yellow cardstock and yellow felt; cut out. Click below to print the banana template. Glue only the bottom half of felt banana to the cardstock banana. Cut four slits from the top of the felt banana to where it's glued. Peel felt back, and write party details on cardstock. Replace felt peels. Write "Peel Me" on a sticker, and attach to the front. Mail in a business-size envelope.

  • Banana Template

Binocular Activity!:

Partygoers decorate pre-made cardboard-tube binoculars, then hunt for hidden stuffed animals.

Simple how-to: Prepare ahead: Cover empty toilet-paper tubes with colored paper. Glue two rolls together to create binoculars. Punch a hole at each side of binoculars. Thread yarn through each hole, tying a knot at the end to secure. At the party, guests can decorate with feathers, chenille stems, and other supplies.


Ssssugar Russssh Cake!:

Our slithering green snake cake is easy to assemble.


Goodie Bags:

Critters and stickers and toys, oh my! After the adventure, send them home with a fun-filled, safari surprise treat bag.

Copyright © 2005. Reprinted with permission of Parents magazine 2005 issue.

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