The Wild West sets the perfect stage for a rootin' tootin' good time.


Rope 'em In(vites)!:

The personalized "Wanted Poster" invite tucked into a bandanna hints at the fun to come.

Simple how-to: To re-create our text, use the Figaro MT font on your computer to print party details onto cardstock. After printing, trim each card to measure 4 1/2" X 6 1/2". For an antiqued effect, run edges of card along brown ink pad. To assemble bandanna, fold in half. Place invite in middle of bandanna with top edge just near the fold of bandanna. Fold bottom edge of bandanna in about 1/2". Fold again, over card, to form pocket. Turn bandanna over, and fold edges of bandanna back behind card. Tie a length of rope around bandanna, and knot in the front. Mail in an A7-size envelope with regular postage, but ask post office to hand-cancel.


Fun Activity!:

Little desperadoes get into the frontier spirit decorating their own grocery-bag vests.

Simple Paper Vest How-to: Prepare ahead: Open grocery bag and cut out sides. (If there is writing on the bag, turn inside out.) Lay folded bag on flat surface, with open end facing you. Trace vest template onto top layer of bag, and cut out. Click below to print out the vest template. Fringe bottom of front and back layers. During the party, have each guest decorate his paper vest with feathers, stickers, chenille stems, and other supplies.

Simple Badge How-to: Prepare ahead: Trace badge template onto metallic cardstock, and cut out. Click below to print out the badge template. At the party, have each guest write his name on a badge with a paint pen, and glue to vest.


Booty-licious Cake:

Hungry buckaroos will get a kick out of this cowboy-boot cake.

Simple How-to: Click below to get the recipe.


Brown-bag the Goody Bag:

Cowboys and girls will happily ride off into the sunset with loot-filled goodie sacks.

Simple How-to: Trace dollar-sign template onto brown lunch bag. Click below to print it now. Fill in with red marker. Fill bag with treats, gather at the top, and tie with rope. Pin store-bought sheriff's badge to rope.

Copyright © 2005. Reprinted with permission of Parents magazine May 2005 issue.

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