Outer Space Party

Star Cupcakes
Kelly Hike
Have a blast at this outer space bash!

Outer Space Party Plan

Blast off to birthday fun with this Outer Space party! Your mini cosmonauts will love your space-themed food and decorations, plus they'll enjoy creating take-home space-wear that's truly out of this world.

Space T-Shirts

Give your guests their own space suits, by making out-of-this-world t-shirts! Before the party, buy plain white t-shirts and cut out cardboard to stuff inside the shirts. At the party, have each guest color his or her t-shirt using permanent markers. Next, drip rubbing alcohol on the ink. The ink will spread and look tie-dyed. Finally, put the t-shirts in the dryer for a few minutes to let the ink set. They come out looking very spacey!

Outer Space

Get your home rocket-ready with this fun decoration idea. Create paper rocket cutouts with poster board and scrapbook paper. Use a stencil for the numbers and color them in with black marker.

Astronaut Packs

For space-age party favor bags, use simple white canvas bags and decorate them using letter stencils and fabric stars. Fill with rocket paraphenalia, like mini astronauts, space stickers, toy spaceships, and more.

Outer Space moon cake

To make a moon-shaped cake, bake two bundt cakes, with one turned on top of each other to create a sphere. Adorn the cake with silver candles and an astronaut cutout. By Katie Sullivan

Outer Space Food

Inexpensive breakfast cereal can be turned into space-themed delicacies! Try Trix to make "Space Rocks" and Cookie Crisp for "Moon Rocks." To make "Meteroroids," place a candy melt on a small round pretzel and top it with a silver sixlet candy. Put the candy melt on the pretzel and place it in the oven for couple of minutes...let it melt a bit, then place the sixlet on top after you take it out of the oven. These can be flying saucers or spaceships, too.

Kelly Hike
Kelly Hike

Star Cupcakes

Light up the night with star cupcakes that will capture the attention of your little adventurers.

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