Olympics Party

water bottle goody bags
Athletic recipes and games make this party worthy of a gold medal.

Olympics Party

Your little medalist-in-training will love bringing the sporty spirit of the Olympics to his next birthday. The best part: Everyone goes home with the gold in the form of clever party favors.

Let the games begin! Win big with our Olympic Birthday Cake.

Olympics Ring Cake

Use paper templates to frost perfectly round rings on top of this gold-medal cake. 

Make a Treat with Feet!

Your guest will laugh as they eat these cheese sandwiches shaped to look like "athlete's feet." Use a foot-shaped cookie cutter and fill with the cheese of your choice. Don't worry -- they'll taste better than they smell!

Olympic Snack

Fill ice cream wafer cones with popcorn for this fun snack. Just warn your guests not to run with the torches -- they may lose all their popcorn!

Olympic Decorations

Turn your party room into an Olympic stadium by decorating with the Olympic colors: red, blue, yellow, green, and black. Adding appropriately-colored flags, rinks, and even plastic flatware completes the look.

Game Time

Create a set of mini-Olympic events that your party guests can participate in. Hold a relay race. Set out a mat for tumbling. Create an obstacle course. Use a Frisbee to play discus. Set up a colored-ring toss. Have a hula-hoop contest. You can even award handmade medals to the winners!

Water Bottle Goody Bags

To make these Olympic medal goody bags, glue a sheet of craft foam around a water bottle. Write each guest's name on cardstock; cut into 1 1/2-inch circle and tape to a notary seal. Add this seal to another so both sides are gold. Glue or tape ribbon to back of medal and drape over bottle. Cut a 3 1/2-inch circle from craft foam for each medal. Layer additional craft foam and decorate as desired. Punch a hole at the top of each medal and string ribbon through. Tie in a bow or knot at ends.

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