Mermaid Party

starfish wand
Bring your blowout to the beach for a day of birthday fun for your little mermaid.

Mermaid Party

Party by the ocean at this magical mermaid bash. Start with a gorgeous sand castle centerpiece, then enjoy an oceany relay race and a sweet cake finale.

Mermaid Cake

Frost a yummy cake in pretty pastel colors that match your party theme. Add a simple "Happy Birthday" flag printable to front if desired. You can stack two matching cake stands in 2 different sizes. Fill the larger, bottom cake stand with cupcakes to serve your party guests. Images: Nicole Hill Gerulat

Sand Castle Centerpiece

Make a fake, lightweight sand castle that you can use as your centerpiece. Supplies:
Cardboard boxes in various sizes, berry baskets and/or cardboard egg cartons, masking tape, school glue or Mod Podge, 2-inch paint brush, dry sand, skewers, acrylic paint, flags, hot glue gun, sea glass, seashells Directions:
1. Tape boxes, baskets and egg cartons together with masking tape to form a sandcastle shape.
2. If you have dark writing on your boxes, paint the boxes a sandy color with acrylic paint.
3. Paint the boxes with Mod Podge or white glue, a section at a time. Press handfuls of dry sand onto the wet glue.
4. Repeat until the whole castle is covered with sand.
5. Cut out flags and tape or glue to painted skewers and poke into the sandcastle.
6. Once the glue and sand are dry and hardened, hot glue sea glass and seashells onto the castle.
7. Sprinkle the castle generously with extra sand. *Note: make sure the sand is completely dry and only use masking tape--wet sand won't stick to glue and glue won't stick to packing tape. Images: Nicole Hill Gerulat

Water Relay

An easy and fun party game for an outdoor Mermaid Party is Water Relay. Divide party guests into 2 teams. Fill two sand buckets with water and place two empty buckets farther away for guests to fill with water as part of the relay. Make a line with marker a few inches from the bottom on both empty pails. Have each team line up behind the full buckets and carry a seashell full of water to the empty bucket to fill as quickly as possible. The first team to get to the line on the bucket wins. Images: Nicole Hill Gerulat

Starfish Wand

Make these party favors ahead of time. You'll need one small 12" dowel and a starfish per favor. Paint the dowel with acrylic paint in your choice of color. Hot glue small rhinestones to the front of the starfish for extra bling (if desired). Hot glue some decorative seaweed or a paper flag printable (such as "Queen of the Sea") to the back. Hot glue the painted dowel to the back of that. You can use these as decorations on the party table or incorporate them into a fun treasure hunt. Images: Nicole Hill Gerulat

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