How to Throw a Really Magical Fairy Birthday Party

Just add pixie dust! Bring a magical fairy party to life with these recipe ideas, party props, and more.

girl holding flowers dressed as a fairy
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butterfly effect cake on wooden cake stand
Wild Bunch: Play up the cake's enchanted woodland vibes by hanging the Paper Flower Garland Backdrop ($27; behind the dessert table and using a mix of pastel and rustic serving pieces. Make sure to gift the guests Pastel Glittery Star Wands ($10 for 12; when they arrive so that the kids can spend the day casting spells (and, yes, possibly concocting juice-box potions). Caitlin Bensel

Butterfly Effect Cake

Adorned with a menagerie of fluttery wings, even a basic white cake is sure to delight at a magical fairy party. The cake looks chichibake-shop impressive, but the butterflies are easily attached with a little corn syrup—and FYI, they're totally edible (just keep them out of the fridge).

What You'll Need

  • Wafer paper edible butterflies
  • Corn syrup in a squeeze bottle
  • White frosted round layer cake (either homemade or store-bought)

How to Make It

  1. Follow the package instructions for making the butterflies double-sided.
  2. Apply a tiny dab of corn syrup to the underside of the body of a butterfly. Press it to the side of the cake and hold in place for several seconds to make sure it adheres.
  3. Continue up the side and across the top of the cake. Butterflies should not be refrigerated, so if not displaying or serving right away, attach them shortly before it's time.
flower-shaped tea sandwiches
Caitlin Bensel

Garden Variety Sandwiches

These adorable tea sandwiches (pictured below)) come together like magic. A large flower cookie cutter can shape the whole sandwich, then a small round cookie cutter cuts a circle in the top slice to reveal a pop of color. You can layer deli turkey under American or cheddar cheese for orange, cream cheese under cucumber slices for green, and Swiss cheese under ham for pink; or simply spread on some raspberry jam for red.

Props for a Magical Fairy Party

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Home Made

fairy house color-in 3d wood puzzle
Courtesy of Creatology

Keep kids enchanted (well, for 30 minutes) with a craft that'll spark their imagination. The Fairy House Color-In 3D Wood Puzzle by Creatology comes with all they'll need to deck out a pad fit for a sprite, including paint, brush, glitter, and fairies—just supply glue.

To buy: Fairy House Color-In 3D Wood Puzzle, $10

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Flying Colors

multi-colored fairy wings
Courtesy of LolaSaturdays

Hand out Fairy Wings to get each guest into the spirit and wear home (and hey, they'll probably wear them every day for the next month).

To buy: Fairy Wings, $27 for six

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Floaty Fungus

toadstool mushroom shaped balloon
Courtesy of Ellie and Piper

Inflate the whimsical mood with this giant Toadstool Mushroom Shaped Balloon. Tape one to a wall or cluster a few in a bare corner. And when the kids are hopped up on sugar, grab it to expend some of that energy with a rowdy game of "Keep up the balloon."

To buy: Toadstool Mushroom Shaped Balloon, $10

This article originally appeared in Parents magazine's March 2022 issue as "It's a Fairy Party."

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