Fish Party

Dive into birthday celebrations complete with fun crafts and a sweet sea treat.

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Fish Party

fish party

Take a trip under the sea with this fishy theme any underwater explorer will love. Create fun sock fish that set the scene. Sorbet cups disguised as fishy friends will make a big splash.

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Sorbet Fish

sorbet fish

Make sweet sorbet fish by adding fruity fins and cereal faces. Bring the sea to them with sturdy blue cupcake liners.

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Sock Fish

fish party

What you'll need: Cardboard, scissors, socks, cotton balls or batting, rubber bands, small buttons, hot-glue gun, fishnet Make it: Cut desired fish shape from cardboard and slip into sock. Fill sock with cotton balls or batting on one side of cardboard. Cinch sock at end and secure with rubber band. Hot-glue a button in place for an eye and attach sock fish to net with hot glue.

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Mosaic Fish Magnets

mosaic fish magnets

What you'll need: White air-hardening clay, fish-shaped cookie cutter, sequins, hot-glue gun, magnet Make it: Cut fish shape out of clay with cookie cutter. Insert sequins at an angle for scales and eye. Hot-glue a magnet to the back; let dry completely (about 24 hours).

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Go Fishing

go fishing

What you need: Thin bamboo reed (available at garden- or flower-supply stores), ribbon, craft glue, yarn, scissors, blunt S hook (available at hardware stores) Make It: Wrap ribbon in alternating colors around bamboo reed, gluing ends to secure. Cut piece of yarn approximately three feet in length; attach one end to the pole and the other end to S hook. Then have fun trying to lure in a bucket.

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Go-Fish Buckets

go fishing

Every guest comes up a winner when they cast a line for our treat-filled party cups. What you need: Con-Tact paper in various colors, colored paper cups, stencils, scissors, chenille stems, hole punch, ribbon, crinkle paper. Make It: Trace stencils of fish and plants onto back of Con-Tact paper. Cut out shapes and adhere to paper cups as desired. To make handles, punch hole in each side of cup. Loop chenille stem through holes, securing ends by folding chenille stem up and twisting onto itself. Wrap ribbon around chenille stem to cover, leaving ends loose. Tie ends to handle with a small piece of ribbon. Trim as needed. Fill with crinkle paper and goody-bag loot.

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Fish Bracelet

fish bracelet

Give the guests a bracelet-making kit of clear elastic and colorful fish beads. (We found ours at

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