16 Easy Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

Got a Marvel fan with a big day coming up? These awesome Avengers birthday party ideas are sure to save the day. 

Captain America Birthday Party Invitation

Tasked with throwing the perfect party for a kid who loves Captain America? Start with a free digital birthday invite! This bold red, white, and blue invitation is an easy way to please the Avengers-obsessed child in your life. Just customize the details on this easy online template, click send, and move on to your other party planning duties!

Captain America Candy Dish Holder

This charming Captain America candy dish holder can double as a party accessory and a gift for your little Marvel fan. Fill it with red, white, and blue candy for your awesome Avengers birthday party, then put it in your kiddo’s room later to hold change, knick-knacks, or yes, even more candy.

Captain America Piñata

Let all the mighty mini-superheroes at your party take a swing at this colorful Captain America piñata. Fill it up with candy, stickers, temporary tattoos, and more fun treats for guests. Bonus points if you can modify a bandana or sleep mask to look like Captain America’s mask and make hitting the target a little more challenging.

Captain America Slap Bracelets

Put these fun Captain America slap bracelets in gift bags for guests, or hide them in the matching Captain America piñata for a fun, non-candy treat. 

Black Widow Party Invitation

Get your Black Widow-themed party on a roll with this digital invitation from Punchbowl. Not only do you save on postage, the invite itself is free to send, too, so you can save your money for other party must-haves.

Black Widow Cupcake Toppers

Transform simple homemade or store-bought cupcakes into a special treat with these Black Widow cupcake toppers, which feature Black Widow’s iconic black, red, and yellow logo. The best part? These come as an instant download—just print them off on cardstock at home. No waiting for shipping! You’ll seem like a superhero for serving up a photo-worthy dessert without breaking sweat.

Black Widow Gift Bags

Treat your guests to goodies with these custom-made Black Widow gift bags. Just fill them up with black and red candy, superhero stickers, fun Avengers party favors to guarantee your guests are having fun long after the party has ended.

Black Spider Rings

We know you might typically only bust these out on Halloween, but plastic black spider rings are the perfect party accessory for your Black Widow bash. Use them as cupcake toppers, drop a few in gift bags, or fill a bowl for guests to grab at their discretion.

Incredible Hulk Party Invitation

Save time and money with this free digital birthday party invite! No need for buying, printing, or filling out invitations—just use Punchbowl’s customizable online invites to get the word out to guests. This stunning green-and-purple Hulk design is pretty incredible, if you ask us.

Incredible Hulk Gift Bags

We know littles love leaving parties with gift bags, so what better way to include your superhero theme? These Incredible Hulk muslin gift bags are the perfect place to put your guests’ party swag, whether you’re sending home purple and green sweets or tiny toys!

Incredible Hulk Cardboard Cutout

Nothing adds life to a party like a life-size cardboard cutout. Kids and adults alike will love taking fun photos next to this Incredible Hulk cardboard cutout, which stands over six feet tall! Better have the birthday boy or girl start practicing their best Hulk smash poses now.

Incredible Hulk Cupcake Toppers

Looking for an easy way to add that extra oomph to your kid’s Avengers birthday party? Just top off cupcakes with these awesome Hulk fist cupcake toppers. The custom-made decorations are the perfect touch (or smash, rather) for a birthday bash to remember!

Avengers Birthday Party Invitation

Can’t choose just one Avenger to help celebrate the occasion? No need! Just customize this fun, free Avengers group digital invitation and get the party rolling with all of your child’s favorite Marvel characters. Starting the festivities with this simple, no-cost invite will make party planning feel like a breeze.

Avengers Temporary Tattoos

Treat your guests with these awesome Avengers temporary tattoos. Let kids pick their favorite characters and apply them during the party, or drop them in gift bags for them to enjoy later! Either way, these heroic tattoos are sure to be a major hit.

Avengers Photo Props

Avengers photo booth props are a great way to make the memories of your child’s birthday last forever! These eight awesome props make it easy for guests to act out their favorite Avengers moments. The kids may be the ones posing as their favorite characters, but you’ll be the one who feels like a hero!

Avengers Ultimate Party Pack

This Avengers party pack provides enough place settings for eight people, as well as decorations—super easy! The kit includes paper cups, dinner plates, dessert plates, cutlery, a tablecloth, balloons, ribbon, streamers, candles, and a personalized banner. Just be sure to buy extra place settings if you’re planning for more guests.

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