Double the fun for this birthday bash -- invite your daughter's friends to bring along their dolls.

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October 05, 2005

Party Dress Invites:

These fancy (but easy-to-make) adorable invites let guest know the party is all about glamming up.

Simple how-to: Print or handwrite party details on back of patterned cardstock. Trace our dress template onto scrap cardstock. Click below to print out the dress template. Cut out interior of dress, creating a stencil. Center dress stencil over party details, and trace inside edge with pencil. Cut out dress shape. Turn card over and decorate with ribbon and rickrack.

Getting-to-Know-You Name Tags:

Double the fun--invite your daughter's friends to bring along their dolls. Everyone gets a name tag!

Simple how-to: Before the party, cut cardstock into 2 1/2" X 2" rectangles for the dolls' tags. Click below to print the name tag template. For guests, cut out larger, 4" X 2 1/2" rectangles. Glue safety pin to back of name tag. At the party, have guests personalize their own tags using letter stickers.

Fun Activity:

Dolly Hair Makeovers! Set out brushes, ribbons, and barrettes--and let the girls style away.


Dollhouse Cake:

Home sweet home! Our yummy dollhouse cake is roofed with candy wafers and piped with window boxes and curtains.

Simple how-to: Click below to get the recipe.


Goodie Bags:

Fill a pretty paper purse with tons of girly goodies.

Simple how-to: Cut a 12" X 12" piece of cardstock into two 5" X 12" strips (for two goodie bags). For each strip, measure and make a mark at 4", 6", and 10" intervals. Click below to print the goodie bag template. Fold at each mark, but leave cardstock open. Trim a cellophane party bag to 6" high. Attach double-sided tape along bottom edges of plastic bag. Attach double-sided tape along front and back sides of bag. Lay folded cardstock right side down. Attach bottom of bag to middle of folded cardstock. Fold front and back pieces of cardstock up, and attach to the front and back of bag. To make handles, punch two holes at top of remaining flap. Twist two chenille stems together, and push through holes. Coil ends of stems to secure. Add a Velcro coin under flap and on front of bag. Decorate and fill with treats.

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