Campout Party

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Transform the backyard into a campsite for an outdoor shindig that'll make everyone a happy camper.

Campout Party

Our super-cool camping party lets young adventurers rough it in the great outdoors, while sticking close to home. Send them off exploring with their own binoculars and adventure packs, have a nighttime outdoor movie screening, and treat everyone to s'mores as the weary travelers return home. For older kids, host an all-night camp out in tents in the backyard, and wake campers to the smell of pancakes in the morning!

Star Cupcakes

Light up the night with star cupcakes that will capture the attention of your little adventurers.

Campfire Cake

Twix bars, rock candy and a flame shaped sugar cookie turn a simple chocolate cake into a roaring campfire.

S'More Cupcakes

Mini s'mores topped simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Outdoorsy Eats

Berry baskets make cute containers for gummy worms, trail mix and other camping treats.

Good Grub

Let your campers nibble on camp-friendly fare, like "kids in blankets" and tent-shaped PB&J sandwiches.

Bug Juice

No campout would be complete without sweet and tangy bug juice. Add 7-Up to fruit punch for a fizzy kick.

S'More Fun

Captivate your audience with tasty s'more treats as they kick back at sunset.

Pup Tents

Don't have enough tents for your guest list? Build simple shelters with two A-frames, plywood, and floral fabric.

Patch Work Pillow

Iron old scout patches onto table cloths, pillows and more to give your party that classic camping vibe.

Make A Mark

No need to carve your name into the cabin doors -- a table covered in chalkboard paint makes the perfect place to scrawl your initials.

Camp Welcome

A hand-painted sign greets guests to "Camp Luke;" it's the perfect camp-themed welcome (and it's way more original than balloons).

Take Cover

To keep safe from the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) let the kids run and hide under a parachute as other campers let it rise and fall.

No-Mess Tie Dye

Love tie-dye but hate the mess? Try this take on it: Stretch the fabric of your t-shirt over the mouth of a wide jar, and fasten it with a rubber band. Let the camper draw a few dots of Sharpie marker in the section that's stretched over the jar, then let a grown-up gently drip a few drops of rubbing alcohol over it to make the colors run. Let it dry for a few minutes before moving on to the next spot. When you're done, run the shirts through the dryer for 15 minutes to set the colors.

Marshmallow Roasting

Give campers a lesson in how to roast the perfect marshmallow -- and in campfire safety.

Twilight Tag

At an evening campout, use flashlights to give a game of tag an extra cool factor.

Outdoor Entertainment

Set up a screen (a simple sheet will do, or try an inflatable movie screen), and project a campfire classic as guests curl up in lawn chairs and sleeping bags.

Capture Your Color

Campers will run wild for a game of "capture the color" where they race to grab the most colored balls as fast as they can.

Cool Campfire

Gather around a makeshift campfire constructed from a pile of hula hoops. (Your campers can feel the burn after they sing and tell stories -- when they take the hula hoops for a whirl.)

Light Bright

Give out mini flashlights to help guests navigate the party space at night.

Go Fish

Make faux fishing rods from long branches, twine, and gummy worms attached in small plastic trinket cups.

Camp Survival Kit

Send guests home with fun toothbrushes, glow sticks, and wacky foam glasses.

Exploration Gear

Cute plastic pith helmets and bright colored binoculars help campers find their quarry during a party scavenger hunt -- then make a perfect take-home treat.

S'Mores for Later

Pack up graham crackers, a few marshmallows and some mini chocolate bars so guests can make their own s'mores at home.

Brown Bag It

Customize each campers' favor by stamping their names onto classic camp lunch bags.

Outdoor Essentials

Brown paper bags were decorated with a map of the Sequoia National Forest and filled with a flashlight, trail mix, a bandanna, a cuddly stuffed animal, and a handy compass.

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