7-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Do you need some 7-year-old birthday party ideas? Check out these six fun themes for boys and girls!

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Parents spend days planning the theme, budget, and decorations for their child's birthday party. But while you're heads-down with logistics, your child only cares about one thing: hosting an amazing celebration that guests will talk about for days. Use these 7-year-old birthday party ideas as a guideline for a memorable, festive, and cost-effective bash.

The Logistics for a 7-Year Old Birthday

Planning the Details: Your 7-year-old might have definite opinions about the party's theme, venue, and food choices—and not all of her fantasies will be realistic. Try to compromise as best you can. If she's determined to have a real-life unicorn at her backyard party, for example, opt for a unicorn piñata and stuffed animals instead.

Guest List. Boys and girls start splitting up around seven years old. It's completely fine to throw an all-boys or all-girls bash, but make sure to avoid hurt feelings. For example, you probably shouldn't have your child distribute invitations at school.

Timeline: Follow this 7-year-old birthday party timeline to avoid scrambling at the last minute,

One month before party day: Make guest list, plan menu, send invitations.

Two weeks before party day: Shop for party favors, paper goods, and items needed for the game. Ask a friend or relative who has RSVP'd to act as your assistant on party day.

One week before party day: Shop for menu items.

7-Year Old Birthday Themes

In need of a show-stopping birthday theme? Check out these creative, fun, and budget-friendly options. Plus, you can do all of these 7-year-old birthday party ideas at home!

Dance Party

This energetic, musical party works especially well at indoor venues—as long as you have enough space for busting moves! Let your guests know that you're hosting a dance party so they'll be properly dressed to boogie.

Game: Opt for some dance party favorites, such as the limbo and the conga. You can also teach everyone a line dance.

Party favors: Glow-in-the-dark plastic jewelry, glasses, and other accessories make for fun extras.

Monster Mash Party

For a taste of Halloween, throw a "monster party" for your little boy or girl. Monsters can range from silly to scary, depending upon the maturity level of your birthday guests. (But when in doubt, go for the giggles rather than the shrieks.)

Game: Monster Mummy Wrap. Divide your guests into teams of two, and give each a roll of toilet paper. The object of the game is to see who can wrap their designated "mummy" the fastest.

Party favors: Monster tattoos.

Baking Party

Looking for 7-year-old girl birthday party ideas? A baking-themed bash might do the trick! Since most of this party will happen in your kitchen, consider limiting the guest list to avoid overcrowding.

Game: Bake and decorate your own cake. Purchase individual microwave cake mixes for each of your guests. Have some extra adults on hand to help supervise as kids mix, pour, and bake their cakes. You might also have some other activities to keep everyone occupied while the cakes bake and cool. Suggestion: Stay with the kitchen theme and play Hot Potato.

Party favor: Chef hats.

Sports Day

An athletic, sports-themed party will be a crowd-pleasing 7-year-old boy birthday party idea! You can design a party that incorporates a range of sports, or stick to a single one such as soccer, baseball, or gymnastics. If your party happens to fall near a big sports event, such as the Super Bowl or the Olympics, you may find party goods stores are prepared to help you with themed decorations and paper goods.

Game for an outdoor sports party: Soccer Obstacle Course. Divide your guests into two teams and let them show off their budding skills. Make the course simple enough so that even less-skilled players can complete it. Give prizes for best individual time and best team performance.

Game for an indoor sport party: Game Day Suit Up Relay. Raid the closet of Dad or an older sibling for two oversized sports outfits. Divide your guests into two teams. At "Go," each player runs to the pile of oversized sports gear, suits up as quickly as possible, runs to tag his or her teammate, runs back to the dressing area, undresses, and runs back to the team and sits down. First team to have everyone dress up and dress down wins.

Party favor: Sports-themed school supplies.

Art Studio Party

Now that your child has moved beyond finger painting, you can set up a creative party that will truly be a work of art. Note the part's theme on your invitation, so that guests will be dressed appropriately in old clothing.

Game: Life-Size Portraits. Have a big roll of white or brown paper on hand. As each guest arrives, have him lie down on the paper. Trace his entire body outline. Leave plenty of room and be sure to label each outline with the guest's name. When everyone has arrived, break out the paints, markers, chalk, and stickers, and let each guest color a life-size self-portrait.

Party favor: Paint sets.

Backwards Party

Here's a party theme that's super silly: set everything backward. Print "Happy Birthday" banners and place cards in reverse, serve the meal in reverse order (cake first), and encourage guests to dress backward. And remember to remove small end tables and other potential obstacles, since it's almost certain the kids will try to walk backward too!

Game: Backward Fashion Show. Set up a runway area, put on some music, and have a fashion show. Provide an extra trunk of dress-up clothes to complement what kids have already got on. Give prizes for most items on backward, best backward runway walk, etc.

Party favors: Silly Putty.

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