From Baby Shark birthday decorations to Baby Shark birthday invitations, here's what you need to throw your child the party of their doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo dreams.

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baby shark birthday balloons
Credit: Elizabeth Trovato

Given that kids everywhere are hopelessly in love with Pinkfong's viral hit "Baby Shark"—which currently boasts over 4 billion views on YouTube—parents everywhere are in dire need of Baby Shark birthday party inspiration. After all, landing on the perfect Baby Shark birthday supplies can ensure the viral hit theme is woven throughout your child's celebration.

"Baby Shark is such a fun and easy party theme," says Elizabeth Trovato, party stylist and owner of Elizabeth Doo-Dah! in New Jersey.

Here are a few of our favorite ways you can bring the "Baby Shark" birthday party theme to life.

Baby Shark Birthday Cakes and Treats

Bake a ball-shaped Baby Shark cake. YouTubers Rosanna Pansino and Donal Skehan show you how to use bowl forms to create a round Baby Shark cake (see above!) complete with bright yellow fondant.

Decorate a Baby Shark sheet cake. You can cover all the bases, getting the whole Baby Shark fam on the cake, if you do a sheet cake with a design on the top, like this one from Roceg Pastelería.

DIY dessert with a Baby Shark cake decorating set. You can even snag a Baby Shark cake decorating kit, complete with food coloring and fondant, on Etsy.

Serve up Baby Shark punch. Brittany Anderson, entertainment editor at event service company The Bash, recommends checking out Liz on Call's tropical party punch recipe, which can be garnished with gummy sharks. "This beverage can also be an adult-friendly cocktail for the moms and dads in attendance with a little help from some coconut rum," notes Anderson.

Baby Shark Birthday Decorations 

Make everything FIN-tastic. Pay tribute to your "fin-tastic" Baby Shark-loving kid by putting shark fins on everything from customized napkins like the ones above from Totally Promotional to cupcakes.

Blow up Baby Shark mylar balloons. Regular balloons in a variety of eye-popping hues can work just fine, but you could also go for shark-shaped mylar balloons, like the ones Trovato sells. Her brightly-colored Baby Shark balloons come in a set of three and are 42" long.

Bring out the Baby Shark toys and bedding in your kid's room. You can dig through your child's toys to add to your party decor, Trovato suggests. "Those Baby Shark bath toys can be washed and used to decorate the cake table or if your child's bed is Baby Shark-themed, you can borrow their top sheet for a tablecloth," she notes.

Channel a day at the beach. Trovato suggests channeling a beach vacation with details like thatched beach umbrellas and colorful ocean murals. "If your child takes classes at a swim school like Goldfish, you can host your party at the pool and take advantage of their fun beach decor," she notes.

Create an underwater adventure. "Create your own underwater vibes with endless balloons and streamers," suggests Anderson. "Combine various shades of blue balloons to simulate water and clear balloons for bubbles. Let them rise to the ceiling with long string tails to have your small guests feel like they're under the sea. For wall decor, include strands of green streamers to replicate seaweed, with cut out sharks and fins randomly throughout."

Spring for a Baby Shark playhut. Set up a Baby Shark Playhut, like this one from Basic Fun on Amazon, for kids aged 3 and up to explore through several distinct structures, including two three-foot tunnels.

Baby Shark Birthday Invitations

Go pink and blue. This sweet design pictured above from BooBeanDesign on Etsy is available as a printable template with two sides of fun—the front featuring all the party details, and the back displaying the popular lyrics.

Include the whole colorful crew. This brightly-hued design from GigglePrintables on Etsy is another printable template option and features all of your child's favorite Baby Shark characters.

Baby Shark Birthday Shirts

Create a custom birthday shark shirt. The best way to make your birthday boy or girl feel instantly special? A shirt of course! This "Birthday Shark" tee from ChanlyCreations on Instagram is simple, adorable, and festive.

Get the whole family involved. Another option: On party day, have everyone in the family can wear their own Baby Shark-themed tee. Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Brother Shark, and Baby Shark tees are all sold by the LilMeStore on Etsy.

Celebrate the big year. Mark your little one's big first birthday with a commemorative shirt. This baseball jersey-style one from ZoeysAttic on Etsy features Baby Shark details, your child's name, and their age.