How to Make Daisy Balloons

Add a touch of spring to your next birthday party with these Darling Daisy Balloons.

Whether you are throwing a garden-themed birthday party or just want to add some floral décor, these daisy balloons will brighten up the room.

Johnny Miller

To make the Darling Daisy balloons for your child's next birthday, follow these simple steps.

what you'll need

5 white balloons, 2 yellow balloons, balloon pump (optional)

make it

  1. Inflate two white balloons with about six pumps on your balloon pump (or blow them up to approximately the same size). Knot the two ends together.
  2. Repeat with two more white balloons to make two pairs. Inflate the fifth white balloon and knot its tail around the center of one of the pairs.
  3. Push the center of the pair into the center of the triplet by sliding it between any two balloons in the triplet. The pair and the triplet should be perpendicular to one another. Twist the paired balloons onto the triplet balloons to secure; set aside.
  4. Inflate both yellow balloons with approximately four pumps (or blow them up to the same size) and tie ends together to make a pair.
  5. Flatten your bunch of five on an even surface and push the center of the yellow pair into the center of the bunch by sliding it between any two balloons in the bunch. The pair and the cluster should be perpendicular to one another. Twist two of the white around one another to lock the inner color into a daisy shape.

TIP: Tie balloons as close to the inflation as possible to give yourself as long a tail as possible.

Originally published in the May 2014 issue of Parents magazine.

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