Kids' Olympics

You're sure to win a perfect score with this cake. And you're sure to become a fan of fondant when you see how easy it is to make the rings!


Go for the gold with this clever birthday cake. All I'm starting with here is a 9 by 13 baked cake and we're going to let the Olympic ring shine on the path. So, all you need to do is make some circles out of paper and make them 5-3/4 inches in diameter. And then, simply place them on top of your cake just like that. And then, I'll take a knife and I'm just gonna outline the circles and trim off all that extra cake. For the frosting, all I'm going to do is cover the cake with white to make a really nice cake. And you really wanna kinda make sure that you get the frosting as smooth as you can just because we are gonna be putting the rings on the top. Now that we're done frosting the entire cake white, we're ready to make those spectacular rings. So, what I've done here is a little trick that I think makes this process super simple. So, I've used fondant which is, basically, just a candy like marzipan substance that is really easy to work with and you can actually make it different colors. So, what I've done is I've made all of the Olympic ring colors in small pieces of fondant. So, you don't need very much of this stuff for each ring. I've got the red, black, green, yellow and blue. So, all we're gonna do is just take these pieces of fondant and make little wilts. So, just roll it between your hands. You wanna get this to about a 12-inch length. And you can eyeball it. It doesn't have to be totally perfect, but that's gonna give you a good kind of length to make these circles. That's about right. And now, you can flatten it a little bit with your fingers just to make it more of a line rather than a rope. And then, all we'll do is we'll form that into a circle. And then, you can press the ends together. Just pinch them and press them together a little bit to get them to stick. And there's our first ring. We're going to just put that right on top of the cake. So, we'll do that with all these colors and get all of our rings on top of the cake. As you can see, I'm just overlapping my rings, but if you wanna be a stickler and get it perfect, you can actually weave the rings, you know, together and make it look really authentic. But there, I think we already got it looking great, but I'm gonna add one final touch that I think really sets off the cake. So, I've just taken from color frosting the same color frosting as I've used from my fondant and I'm just going to pipe little stars all around the bottom of the cake. So, I'm doing yellow by the yellow ring and I'll do each color by each ring. So, once you've got all of your little stars piped around the bottom of the cake, you're just gonna do one last final touch and that would be to add some international flags to this beautiful cake. There. That's a perfect 10 and it didn't take an Olympic size effort to do this.

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