Birthday parties are important -- and fun! Keep the planning simple with our printable party invitations for baby's first birthday and for older kids, too.
Birthday Invitations

Here's how to do it...

  • Give your invitations a heftier feel with card stock or colorful construction paper. Print the invitations on regular paper and then glue them to the heavier stuff.
  • Save time by printing three invitations on one sheet of paper -- then cut them out.
  • Get the kids involved. If you have older kids, enlist their help to fill in the blanks next to the "For" -- then speed things along by doing the rest of the writing yourself.
  • Get invitation-sized envelopes at an office supply store. Some boxes come with as many as 100 envelopes, so you can save the ones you don't use for the next party.

Voila! Birthday party invitations done in a flash!

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