Birthday Invitations

Set the stage for a great party with the right birthday invitation. We've got great ideas for themes plus plenty of ideas and how-to for making your own.

Birthday Invitation Etiquette Q&A

How many people do I invite? How can I avoid leaving anyone out? Get answers to your burning questions about invitation etiquette.

How to Make Them RSVP

Clever ways to get a freaking RSVP to your child's birthday party.

Creative Birthday Party Invitations

Colorful homemade cards will get your little guests in the party mood.

Downloadable Invites

Add your info to these customizable invites, and then print them to mail.

Printable Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday parties are important -- and fun! Keep the planning simple with our printable party invitations for baby's first birthday and for older kids, too.

Birthday Party Invitations

Start the party off right!