We investigated what's trendy, new, and super-fun in the way of birthday party ideas for your tween girl or boy, 

By Maressa Brown
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Every parent wants to be sure that the birthday party theme they choose for their tween won't only be a hit with their kiddo but with their guests, as well. Whether your tween is a huge fan of Marvel comics or all things fashion and style, there are majorly fun decor, food, and game ideas to fit the theme of their choosing. Here, 9 trendy, exciting birthday party ideas for your tween boy or girl. 

1. Harry Potter 

J.K. Rowling's classic series is still beloved by kids all over the globe, making it a perfect gender-neutral, magical theme for birthday parties. You could set up your house like Hogwarts and inviting kids to come dressed as their favorite character, and serve Jelly Belly's Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and butterbeer.

2. Marvel AVENGERS

Aside from the fact that Marvel AVENGERS Endgame is causing so much buzz right now, your tween might be all about this team of superheroes. The theme is one that lends itself to cool-looking desserts, super-charged activities, and easy-to-create decor.   

3. Pool party

If your tween's birthday happens to fall in the warmer months, throwing them a pool party seems like a no-brainer. Subthemes to choose from might include a luau, surfing, or Shark Week. But really, all you may need is a pool, decorations, pool floats, snacks, cake, and lots of sunblock to make your tween guest of honor and friends happy.  

4. Pizza party 

Whether you set up a DIY pizza extravaganza in your kitchen or order in from your tween's favorite pizza joint, revolving the celebration around pizza may have seriously broad appeal for your tween and his or her friends.

5. Instagram

If your tween adores social media, this photo-centric theme could be on-point. Designer Adria Ruff (of Anders Ruff) recently threw her 11-year-old Brynne an IG party that came alive with a cake, gumballs, printable Instagram icons, and other post-worthy details.

6. Glamorous sleepover party

Sleepover parties have timeless appeal, but you could also do a spin on the classic by inspo from The Glampover Party (a company founded by a mom in Surrey, UK), setting up teepees or forts, fairy lights, and snacks that can be eaten picnic-style. 

7. Get crafty 

If your tween loves art or design, make the theme creativity. All you really need is a large table, paint or other art/crafting supplies, and tweens' own imaginations. You might also consider hiring a professional who can walk them through making a specific project. Bonus: This theme makes for a built-in party favor they made themselves!

8. Minecraft

Tweens who play the popular video game might be beyond psyched for a birthday party built around its details. Check out one from Kara's Party Ideas.

9. Candy shop

Whether you throw the party at a famous candy store like Dylan's Candy Bar or make your own Willy Wonka-inspired wonderworld for your kiddo at home, this sweet tooth-loving theme is both simple and whimsical.


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January 16, 2020
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