Birthday Party Decorations That Wow

It doesn't take much to turn your home into a party space. Pick a few of these simple ideas to add a festive flair.

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Kids celebrating at birthdayparty
Tara Donne

Garlands Galore

A homemade banner can pack a big decorative punch. Check out these designs that can be reused year after year.

Have Fun with Streamers

You can twist, wind, braid, and curl crepe paper. Get a lot of bang for your buck with this affordable and versatile party material.

Cool Dot-Com Decor

Stylish and affordable party supplies from our favorite stores.

Fancy Table

Make your table shine by using the snacks as creative decor.

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Birthday Party Ideas: Daisy Balloons

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Garland: Baby Face

Baby Face Garland
Tara Donne

A photo of your little one is just the thing for an intimate family celebration.

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Garland: Stick Around

Stick Around garland
Tara Donne

Spell a message by adhering string to cardboard circles with letter stickers.

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Garland: Tie the Knot

Tie the Knot Garland
Tara Donne

Loop your scraps around a long ribbon to make a quick decoration.

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Garland: Wall Flowers

Wall Flowers Garland
Tara Donne

All you need is decorative paper and a punch to make this colorful garland.

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Garland: Ding-Dong!

Ding-Dong! Garland
Tara Donne

Paper cups form sweet bell-shaped ornaments to string up at the party.

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Yay for Streamers

Fun with Streamers
Tara Donne

A-door-able! Stripe a doorway with a few different colors. Use painter's tape to adhere the fringed curtain to the wall.

Or try these other cool ideas: Birthday Throne: Wrap your child's chair at the dinner table as a fancy birthday treat.

Curb Appeal: Proudly announce the birthday to the neighborhood by decorating the fence, front yard, or porch.

Puff Piece: Gather 25 8-inch strips of crepe paper in the center with a rubber band. Using scissors, carefully curl the ends to make a cute pom-pom.

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Dot-Com Decor: Fun Fringe

Party table fringe
Tara Donne

Spice up a table with some colorful fringe.Party table fringe, $19.

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How to Make a Crepe-Paper Lantern

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Dot-Com Decor: Raise the Flag

Paper flag pennants
Tara Donne

This adorable paper pennant fits perfectly in card or cake.Paper flag pennant, $7.50.

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Dot-Com Decor: Dino Touch

Dinosaur cupcake set
Tara Donne

If your tot loves dinosaurs, dress up some cupcakes with these cute toppers.Dinosaur cupcake set, $13 for 24 cupcake liners and 24 cupcake toppers.

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Dot-Com Decor: Party Hat

Felt stripe hat
Tara Donne

Give your little guest a fun felt party had for the birthday bashFelt stripe hat, $7.

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Dot-Com Decor: Fruity Sip

Fruit party straws
Tara Donne

Kids will love to sip their punch through these fancy fruit straws.Fruit party straws, $4.50.

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Fancy Table: Edible Landscape

Fancy Table: Edible Landscape
Tara Donne

Make your snack table come alive with a few simple steps (and delicious treats)! Cover a table with butcher paper and paint it into the cutest buffet ever. Plan out your masterpiece according to your bowls and platters. Pizzas make great wheels, and silicone cupcake liners work perfectly as caterpillar cookie stands.

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Get More Party Ideas!

Cootie Catcher invite with little girl
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Check out these two slideshows for more birthday party fun!

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