Masks and capes make heroic crusaders out of birthday party guests.

By Jocelyn Worrall
March 28, 2013

What You'll Need


  • Adult-sized t-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Self-adhesive Velcro
  • Self-adhesive felt
  • Pom-poms
  • Fabric glue
  • Ball fringe (optional)
  • Rickrack (optional)
  • Hot glue gun and glue (optional)


  • Download template below
  • Scissors
  • Stiff felt
  • Self-adhesive felt
  • ?-inch elastic

Make It


  1. Trace a cape shape on the back of a t-shirt and cut it out. Be sure to leave the neckband intact for use as the neck of the cape.
  2. Cut a slit at the front of the neckband and attach self-adhesive Velcro to either side, creating a fastener for the cape.
  3. Cut out a variety of shapes, in different sizes, from the self-adhesive felt. (We made stars, lightening bolts, circles, hearts, and letters for the children's names.)
  4. Pre-glue pom-poms to circles of self-adhesive felt.
  5. Children can add self-adhesive shapes and felt-backed pop-poms to their capes. Parents can help hot glue ball fringe or rickrack trim to capes, if desired.


  1. Download the mask template below. Print and cut out your template.
  2. Trace the shape onto your stiff felt, and cut out the mask base.
  3. Cut a 14" length of elastic. Cut out two small self-adhesive felt squares. Attach the elastic to either end of the mask with a square of self-adhesive felt squares.
  4. Cut out various small shapes from self-adhesive felt.
  5. Children can decorate with small shapes of self-adhesive felt.

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