Birthday Party Ideas: Daisy Balloons

Whether you are throwing a garden-themed birthday party or just want to add some floral décor, these daisy balloons will brighten up the room.


How to make Daisy Balloons. For this craft, you'll need: 2 yellow balloons, 5 white balloons, balloon pump (optional), a thin dowel, washi tape, and scissors. Inflate two white balloons equally. Tie the balloons together. Inflate three white balloons to the same size. Knot them together. Inflate two yellow balloons slightly less full then the white balloons. Knot them together. Snip a small slit in the base of one of the balloons. Slide the two knotted white balloons over the three knotted white balloons. Twist to secure. Slide the two knotted yellow balloons into white balloons. Twist to secure. Cover a thin dowel with washi tape. Slide dowel through slit in balloon and double end over to secure. For more visit

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