How to Throw an Astrology-Themed Birthday Party

From charming Leo desserts to quirky Aquarian birthday invitations, here's what you need to throw your child a seriously cool, astrology-themed birthday party.

illustration of cake and presents with astrology symbols
Photo: Illustration by Emma Darvick

Whether you decide to pepper your little one's party with Baby Shark or charming, enchanted forest details, Peppa Pig balloons or safari cupcakes, you can rely on decor, colors, food, and even music to bring your child's birthday party theme to life. But given the multitude of themes to choose from, it can be tough to zero in on just one. That's why you might do well to take a tip from Pinterest's 2020 trends, and consider a zodiac-themed birthday party. The social media platform found that searches for astrology-themed parties were recently up a whopping 247 percent.

Since your child's sun sign—in other words, the sign they were born under—plays a part in who they are, helping to shape their sense of self and identity, it stands to reason that it could inform their birthday party theme. Or, if your child loves the night sky and outer space, you might want to go with a general astrology theme, paying tribute to the power of the planets overall.

Here are a few fun ways you can make the most of an astrology birthday party theme.

Astrology-Themed Birthday Cakes and Treats

Subtly incorporate their sign into a traditional cake. Have a little Taurean bull? Horns might do the trick, like in the super-cool Taurus cake from @AprilBakes, above.

Bake up a zodiac-themed cake. Using box mix and a shimmery, sun-centric design, this zodiac cake would make an Instagram-worthy centerpiece. Or go over the top with a design like this adorable Leo lion cake from @RoxStarBakes.

Design a candy bar with an option for every sign. Sunny Leos might love candy orange slices, while quirky Aquarians will dig something unconventional like Jelly Belly's Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. You can design a candy bar with little baggies, so kids can mix and match or choose the candy associated with their sign.

Bake up and decorate astrology-themed cookies. You can frost the sign or symbol of the sign on top, or create an edible image, like Natasha Rae of Raes Baking Co. in Edmonton, Canada, did on these cute cookies below.

Astrology-Themed Birthday Decorations

Get a cute themed banner. On Etsy, you can score a banner that says "party like a (insert sign)" or one that celebrates the season of the sign under which your L.O. was born.

Print up place cards and party hats. Go all in on the symbol associated with your child's sign, printing it on a variety of decor elements—from party hats to napkin rings and everything in-between.

Host it at a local planetarium. Field trip, anyone? Your city's planetarium or science museum might be the perfectly unconventional spot to host the event—and support kids' learning about the solar system in the process.

Astrology-Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Commission sign-specific invites. Olive & Company, behind this cool Aquarius card above, is just one stationery brand that can bring your child's sun sign to life on invitations and thank you cards. It could even double as framed wall art after the party.

Order celestially-inspired invitations from Etsy. This moon invitation has a romantic constellation design and a sweet customized message, while this one puts the Piscean symbol front and center.

Astrology-Themed Activities

Play a zodiac-themed game. Depending on how old the party guests are, you could bust out a Scrabble board and stick to astrology or astronomy-related words.

Print out an astrology-themed word search. First three people to find all the words win a prize!

Create a playlist with space-related songs. From Hair's "Aquarius" to Prince's "Kiss" ("no particular sign I'm more compatible with") to Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising," there are a variety of tracks that refer to astrology, astrological concepts, or simply outer space.

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