How to Make Pirate Cupcakes

These punky pirate cupcakes are edgy and easy to make.


These punky pirate cupcakes are adorable, edgy and super easy to make. I'll show you how. For these tattooed cupcakes, you'll need a box of yellow cake mix, cupcake liners, vanilla frosting, red and black paste food coloring, dark chocolate frosting, licorice pastels, a number three pastry tip and bag, and resealable freezer weight baggies. The pirate templates are available at Tint one cup of the vanilla frosting red with the paste food coloring, then transfer the red frosting into a resealable bag. Spoon the remaining vanilla frosting into another resealable bag. Tint the dark chocolate frosting black with the black food coloring and spoon one cup of the black frosting into a resealable bag. Spoon the remaining black frosting into the pastry bag, fitted with a number 3 tip. Place the template on top of the cupcake and use a toothpick to dot the outline of the shape into the cupcake top. Then, pipe black frosting outlines over the punched shapes. These frosting outlines will hold the flooding icing in place. Repeat with all of the cupcake tops and let the frostings set. One color at a time, microwave a bag of frosting stopping to massage the bag every 5 seconds until the frosting is the texture of slightly whipped cream about 7 to 10 seconds. As you fill the area, the icing will flood the space. Top the cupcake on your work surface to help the frosting spread, or use a toothpick to drag the frosting into the small corners. Be careful not to overflow the frosting where the outline will be lost. Once your design is frosted, you can insert licorice non-pareils along the outer edge of the cupcakes for a punky spike-like effect. Your kids will love these fun pirate themed cakes. Anchors away, let's get this party started.

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