If your baby's first birthday is fast approaching, consider the following factors when planning the party.


___ What's your budget? Be sure to give yourself some wiggle room for unexpected costs - you know they always pop up last-minute.

___ Where will you have it? It's almost always cheaper and easier to have people over your house, unless you don't have the space.

___ How many people do you need to invite? (Remember wedding guest list hell? You may need to negotiate to keep the numbers down here, too).

___ How many kids/babies will there be? Babies don't need a ton of entertainment, but you'll want to have fun games and crafts planned for toddlers and older kids attending.

___ Invitations: Will you send out formal ones, shoot your guests an email or just let everyone know over the phone?

___ Will you have a theme or color scheme? This can also help you figure out food, decorations, cake and favors.

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