Treat Toppers for Birthday Cupcakes

Skip complicated frosting techniques -- these decorative add-ons take the cake.

Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers
Johnny Miller

Try these six adorable ideas for creative -- and easy -- toppers to make your child's birthday cupcakes special.

Chew Cute

A sweet idea -- poke the pointed end of a wood skewer into colorful gumballs and trim the skewer down to size.

B-Day Blowout

More candles equal more fun. Pile on different types for a whimsical touch. Extra wishing power not guaranteed.

About Face

Trace a profile picture of your little one onto bright paper, cut it out, and tape it to a decorative paper straw.

To the Letter

Bend metallic chenille stems to spell out a name or make shapes. Slip a short piece of a plastic drinking straw over one end and insert it into the cake.

Fish Sticks

Thread baker's twine through Swedish Fish candy and tie to a skewer to make it look like you've got quite the catch on every cupcake.

Party Petals

Fold your own flora; use tissue paper to craft these pretty decorations.

what you'll need

One 20" x 30" sheet of tissue paper, scissors, wooden skewer, adhesive tape, floral or washi tape

make it

  1. Fold tissue paper accordion-style, with a 3/4" fold. You will end up with one 3/4" x 20" strip of folded tissue paper. Cut it into 3"-long sections (one section makes one flower).
  2. Take one section and start cutting at middle of strip, shaping top half into a rounded petal. Fold petal in half vertically to make a crease.
  3. Unfold tissue paper and tape one end to the top of a skewer.
  4. Wrap tissue paper around top of skewer to form flower shape while holding base of flower to keep tissue paper together.
  5. Once flower is complete, wrap adhesive tape around base of flower and top of skewer to secure.
  6. Cover adhesive tape with floral or washi tape, pulling it taut and twisting it around remainder of skewer. Fluff flower petals out.
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Originally published in the May 2014 issue of Parents magazine.

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