Sunshine Cake

Serve up some sunshine at your next party. This no-bake cake is easy to make and really refreshing!


Let the sun shine into your next birthday party with this easy no-bake cake. Now, all you need to do for the cake part of it is have on hand a pound cake, which you can buy at any grocery store. We'll have about a ¼ bowl and coat that with a little bit of non-stick cooking spray, and that's just gonna help the plastic wraps stick to it. And then grab a piece of plastic wrap and line it into your bowl. Find your favorite orange sherbet and put that into your bowl and you wanna leave about an inch of the top just because we're gonna put cake on the top. And this is my pound cake. You don't need the bake family-size pound cake, just a small one will do. And to start off, I'm just gonna take a really small, thin layer off the top of the cake. Then put your cake on the side and cut it in half horizontally, to make two thin pieces of your cake. Then you can just lay these cakes right on top of your bowl, right side-by-side. And you'll have a little bit of extra that you'll need to trim off but just go right alongside your bowl. And then your cake is kinda, naturally just fall into your bowl on top of the sherbet. And now, you wanna make sure that you, kind of, press that cake into your sherbet just to make sure that it really sticks and forms, kind of, a nice seal together. Okay. And then, what I like to do is just, kind of, bring out this plastic wrap and cover the cake a bit and that goes into the freezer for 4-hours or until it's really firm and you just wanna make sure that that is really setup. These are just some sugar cones that I bought at the store and I'm going to coat them with some white frosting. And I like to use the-- kind of the inside to-- part of the cone and just stick that on to my fingers as a guide, as I'm frosting this cone. Kind of, gives it-- makes it a little bit easier. Okay. Once I've got my cone all coated with frosting, I'm just going to dip it in some orange colored sugar. And you wanna make sure that you've got quite a bit of sugar to work with. And I like to put it on a plate, just-- so that it's easier to roll my cone in that. So what I wanna do with my sherbet cake is just dip it into this water. After you got it in the water, just for a few seconds then just go ahead and lift it out. Test the water to see if it actually come out of the bowl. You can, kind of, gives your hand underneath to help-- to let gravity help you, as you take the cake out. And the good thing is that the pound cake is gonna keep your hand from getting covered up with sherbet. Okay. Then just lift off your plastic wrap and you got your cake all ready to go. Once you've got the cake inverted on to your platter, we're gonna give the sun some sunglasses. So, we're gonna do that process first before putting in the rays. I've got some chocolate cookies here that I've cut in half and we're going to put them on to the cake, as if we're giving him sunglasses. So just press into the sherbet and that's gonna makes it stick. And then we'll hook them together with some chocolate colored, piping frosting. And now, we're gonna make a little smile. That's pretty easy and I'm using some orange decorating gel, which you can actually find at most grocery stores. Give him a big old smile 'cause it is sunny and hot. Now for these, I'm just gonna, kind of, hold it at both ends with just two fingers and you can use them the pound cake on the bottom that, kind of, stabilize it as you press in the rays into the cake. And just kind of press them and-- to make sure that they stick into the sherbet. And it's helpful to do this process last because actually then your sherbet is gonna soften up just a little bit and then your cones are gonna be able to stick into the sherbet a little bit better. Now, it's really important to use a platter that's got a bit of a rim, just so that it supports those cones if they don't stick into the sherbet. Now, that looks so great. I just know that this would be a perfect cake anytime that you just want a little scoop of sunshine.

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