Sports Nut Ball Cake

This cake's sure to be a slam-dunk! And wait till you see the trick to making the cool basketball texture!


This cake is going to score big with all your party guest. I'm gonna show you how to make a basketball today. So I've got this really cool pans that are actually kind of bowl-shaped. I mean, use that to make your cake. There's a-- there's a recipe online to follow so you've got that all covered. Once you've got your cake baked and cooled you're gonna take a long serrated knife and just trim off the top. Now you can use your knife to, kind of, lay it right against the top of the pan so that you get a really nice even layer. On the flat side of one of the cakes, I'm going to spread some frosting. Now, I'm making a basketball here so I've colored my frosting orange, but really you can use any color that you want depending on what kind of ball you're making. Okay, now that I've got the frosting on I'm going to put the 2 cakes together. So I'm just going to set this cake on the top so that I've got a nice round ball. Now, so that the ball sets flat on my work surface, I'm just going to cut a very thin layer off of the end just so that it sets flat. Now I'm gonna spread the rest of my frosting all over the cake. So the only tricky part is getting, kind of, the frosting as far down around the ball as you can. That's where I really like to use an offset spatula which has the little, kind of, indent in the spatula, and it-- it really makes this job easier. Now if you don't get this perfectly smooth, that's really okay because we're gonna add some texture to this ball that's gonna cover up any little mistakes that you might make in your frosting. And another tip that I really think is key with this cake is actually to put the cake into the freezer or into the refrigerator for maybe a half hour to an hour, depending if you choose the freezer or the fridge. That will just firm up that frosting so that it's really easy to add the texture later. Okay, I'm back from the freezer and I'm ready to add some texture to the ball. So I-- what I have is a little box grater, and it's great if you can find a really tiny box grater, and then you wanna use the space that's really made for grating cheese. And all I'm going to do is just, kind of, roll it and press it in to the frosting. And now you can see why it's important to do this while the frosting is somewhat chilled. And you just go all around the cake. Now all I have here is this black decorating icing that's already in a tube and ready to go. But if you wanna make your own you can feel free to do that. And I'm going to make the lines on my basketball. So then you go all the way across in the center for that one main middle line and then just go across with 3-- 3 more lines from the back to the front. Now that you know the technique behind this simple cake, any party you throw is going to be a ball.

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