Rodeo Roundup Boot Cake

Kick up some rootin' tootin' birthday fun! All it takes are a few simple cuts and some easy frosting techniques to make this cool cowboy boot cake.


All the Buckaroos at your bash will really get a kick out of this cake. Now, it might a little difficult but once I break down the steps for you, it's really very simple. All you need for this cake is one 9x13 base cake. You can make it yourself or you can buy it from the store, and you can use any flavor you want too. And then on the website, you'll find these templates that you need. So go ahead and print those out and cut them out. And then, if you wanna laminate them, it kind of makes it really easy if you wanna ever make the cake again. I put the cake on some parchment paper and that's gonna make it really easy for me to transfer it to my final serving platter so I always like that. It does quite the trick. And I'm gonna take a serrated knife and cut all the way around my template. Now, I know this template doesn't look like a boot right now, but with a few simple cuts and shaping, it will come together really easily. Now, to simply make this into a boot, just kind of tilt the cake a little bit and on this side that kind of looks like a small triangle of sorts, just make a really clean straight cut. We have to actually flip it over and attach the straight side here with the straight side of this part. And voila, you have got a boot. Now, for the frosting, I've tinted some just basic canned white frosting red and that's going to go over the whole entire cake. And when you're done frosting this, to make it really easy to add the other colors, you'll wanna just put this cake into the freezer and let it stand in the freezer for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or until that frosting gets nice and firm. Now, the reason is so that you can actually put the next color on top of it and it won't smear around. Okay. I've already got a cake that I've had in the freezer. Now, I've got some canned frosting that's actually caramel-flavored and that's gonna serve as the frosting for my boot tip, the heel, and the top of the boot. So we'll just go ahead and frost that on. And up at the top here, I'm gonna give it some scallop shape, just a little bit of free form design. Now, that that's done, we're gonna make some fun designs. I kinda like to call them little Western designs, and these templates are also on the website so go ahead and download those. Put one of them on kind of half of your boot on the side and then take a toothpick and outline that template into your frosting. Now, I've got some white frosting in a piping bag and I've got it with a really thin, kind of small, round tip. And then, simply pipe around where the toothpick was. And you wanna make sure you've got nice, even pressure when you're piping that, gives it a really great Western flair. And with that white frosting, I'm gonna also make some outlines on the boot bottom, right above the heel. So we'll go along the top line here as well and that just really pops out that color. And for the last final touch, I put some of the caramel frosting into a piping bag and just make a nice, even line right down the center of your boot. So round up the gang and have a really great time with this really simple birthday cake.

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