Pirate Bash Cake - Part Two



-Now that you got the whip cream on your cake, then it's time to decorate it. So I have got some blue frosting, some yellow frosting, and some red frosting. Now I've put them into piping bags which makes the job a whole lot easier. You can actually buy these disposable bags at any grass store. For the blue, I've got a ribbon piping tip on my bag. And that's gonna make a really cool design around the whole top of your cake. So, basically you're just making a border here. So I'll go all the way along there, get my little stuff here, and then continue on around the back of the cake. Once you've got blue all the way around your cake, you wanna follow it up with a layer of red. So I'm gonna just put the red right under the blue. And I've got the red fitted with a regular round tip. And again, you're just going to go all the way around the cake right underneath the blue layer. Now that that's done, we're gonna make the cannons, which is really fun, so I've got some black licorice here, which I've cut into little kinda' one to 2 inch long lengths. And I'm going to stick them into the side of the cake right for the bottom, as if they're sticking out ready to go for battles. Okay, that looks perfect. Now with my yellow frosting, I'm going to put little windows around, so you can see the outline of my cannon. Really, you don't have to go all the way around each cannon. You can just make a little semi-circle to cover the top of each cannon. So once we've got the cannons done, we're going to make some windows on the back of the cake, just your basic square windows. Now a really quick tip, if you're not so handy with the piping bags, is to take some square pretzels like this and just put them under the side of the cake, as a window, rather than piping it on. So that's something if you wanna make it a little simpler. And then on the front of the cake, I like to make some little designs with the yellow, just to give the shift a little bit more character. So you could use this yellow to name your ship or to type the birthday boy's name on the ship, whatever you'd like. I've taken square pretzels and cut them in half to use as my railings. And I'm gonna put that, kind of stick them down into the cake, and you can go all the way around the cake if you'd like, or just around the front, whatever feels right to you. And then you can make sure that everyone stays on board. Now that we've got that all done, we're gonna make the captain's wheel. So I've got a little cookie here and I'm going to take this handy-dandy frosting that's already ready to pipe, and just create a wheel. Now take a pretzel rod and cut it in half, and stick it right down into your cake. Take the back of your cookie and throw a little bit of frosting on it, just down the center, and attach it to your pretzel. And there you have your wheel for your captain. The final step to top off this really impressive cake, is to make the sail. Now you can down low this really cool pirate looking sail and then you can make your own too, you can put the birthday boy's name on here or whatever you'd like, and then take some chopsticks and weave it into your sail. We wanna make some holes first just to make it a little easier, there you go, and just stick that right down into your cake. And this just really kinda' gives it a nice final touch. Voila. There's no arguing that this cake is going to leave a lasting impression at your party.

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