Pirate Bash Cake - Part One



It'll be smooth sailing once you see the simple steps to this impressive pirate cake. Now, I know that this cake might look a little complicated but it's really simple once you break it all down and I'm gonna show you exactly what you need to know. So, all you have to start with for the cake is two 9 by 13 cakes. And of course, you can use any flavor you want. Now, using a very long serrated knife, I'm going to cut off the top of this cake just to make sure that the top is flat. It'll help with decorating later. So, what I've done is I put the cake on to some parchment paper, which is really gonna help when I transfer the cake. And you wanna make sure that you've got your batter all ready to go. And lift off your cake very carefully and ease it on to your platter. So I'm gonna make sure that I have quite a lot of room on one end. Now, I've got my second cake, and I'm just gonna leave a very same thing. Now, you're gonna start making your cuts. So, you wanna measure about 2-1/2 inches from the bottom of your cake from one of a short size. Just trim that off. Okay. I'm gonna use my long knife to help me transport it here and set it right on the bottom on your first 9 by 13 cake. Now, to make sure that it gets attached really well, I'm going to take some chocolate frosting and put it in between the two cakes. So then just make sure it's nice and attached to that main cake. There we go. Okay. Turn your cake this way and you're going to cut this remaining cake in half. All right. Now, take one of the ends and put it on the very bottom of the cake. And the other half goes on to this side of the cake. Now, I'm not going to do this but you could actually put frosting between those two cake layers, just so that you get a little more frosting at each bite. Now, that we've got our cakes sort of assembled, I'm going to take the template that you can download from the web and set it right on top of your cake and then I'll just take my handy knife and make my cuts. You wanna follow along those curve edges. So, once I've got the boat cutout, I'm gonna make a little step down on the back. So, just take about an inch or two and cut part way through that top layer and then take your knife and from the side, cut back to make that first cut. I've got chocolate frosting and I'm going to simply frost the entire cake. Now that I've got my cake all frosted, I'm gonna show you a really simple trick to make this boat look like it's made from real wood. So, I've got a table fork and I'm just going to draw little wavy lines in the frosting. You wanna kinda jiggle the fork back and forth a bit and it works best if you can actually do this fairly soon after you frost your cake so that your frosting hasn't really set up very well.

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