Modern Art Cake

Now is the time to bring the traditional birthday cake into modern times with this Jackson Pollock-inspired treat. The crazier, the better, so let your little artist go to town.


-Artists of all ages will love this colorful and creative modern art cake. It's so fun to make that your kids will wanna help and that's okay. It's a kid friendly recipe. First, bake your favorite cake in two 8-inch cake pans. Use a long serrated knife to level the layers. Place the bottom layer of the cake on an oversized serving plate. Fill and frost it with one 16-ounce can of white frosting. Next, evenly divide one 16-ounce can of whipped white frosting in 5 small bowls. Use food coloring to tint each bowl of frosting a different color. Paste food coloring will give you the best depth of color. Now, transfer the tinted frosting to a pastry bag or a resealable plastic bag. Microwave 1 bag for about 10 seconds until it is just warm. Cut the tip off of the bag then drizzle the frosting over the cake in a random pattern. Go ahead and drizzle frosting on to the serving plate too. It's all part of the modern art look. Now microwave a second bag of frosting for 10 seconds and drizzle the frosting over the cake, overlapping the lines that you made with the first color. Continue with the 3 remaining colors. Work with one at a time, overlapping them in a random-looking pattern. Once you've created your masterpiece, the cake is ready to serve. This modern art cake deserves some special candles. Check your party store for something suitably funky and creative.

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