How to Make a Princess-Sneaker Cake

This sparkly sneaker cake is ideal for a princess-themed birthday party.


This sparkly sneaker cake is perfect for a power Princess birthday party. You'll need one pound cake and four plane doughnuts, vanilla frosting, red food coloring and coarse pink decorating sugar, purple and pink fruit juice, a candy necklace, heart candies and white and pink pearl sprinkles. Spoon 1/3 cup of the vanilla frosting into a resealable bag and set aside. Tint the remaining vanilla frosting pink with a few drops of the red food coloring. To assemble the sneaker base, start by trimming the loaf cake into a rounded shape with a paring knife. You can download a shoe shaped template at Next, cut one doughnut in half crosswise to make to semi-circles. Then, cut one semi-circle in half again. Stack the remaining 3 doughnuts on top of the smaller end of the shoe-shape using frosting to secure them into place. Place one doughnut half cut side down in front of the stack of doughnuts. Attach the rounded side of the remaining cut doughnut and place on top securing with frosting. Use your offset spatula to spread all but 2 tablespoons of the pink frosting over the cake and doughnuts leaving the top doughnut unfrosted. Now press and sprinkle the pink sugar all over the cake. Soften half of the purple fruit juice in the microwave for 2 seconds. Press them together into a log and use our rolling pin to rollout into a 3x7 inch rectangle. Cut the rectangle lengthwise into 2 3 quarter by 6 inch trim for the side glazes and 1x7 inch trim piece for the ankle of the shoe. Soften the remaining purple fruit juice and roll out in the same way to form a 1x10 inch strip. Cut the strip in half lengthwise. Next, soften the 3 pink fruit juice and roll out to form a 2x5 inch rectangle. Use your paring knife to round the corners of one end. Spread the remaining pink frosting over the top doughnut. Snip a tiny corner from the plastic bag filled with a vanilla frosting. Pipe a few dots of vanilla frosting on the cake and add the long trim piece at the base of the sneaker. Place the pink fruit shoe piece on the front of the shoe for your tongue allowing the rounded end to extend about 1 inch beyond the top of the shoe. Press the larger strip of purple fruit shoe at the top edge of the sneaker for the ankle trim. Add the two lace trim pieces on either side of the pink fruit shoe. Pipe a 2 inch high area with vanilla frosting at the toe end of the cake and decorate with rose of white pearl candies to cover the vanilla frosting. Add a row of pink pearl candies. Pipe the [unk] decorative blind to look like stitching with vanilla frosting. Add 5 candy necklace pieces to either side of the lace area with a dot of frosting. Pipe a circle of frosting on either side of the sneaker and add a red heart candy. Press a row of pearl candies around the hard candy then pipe the laces with the remaining vanilla frosting. Your little princess is sure to love this sweet treat.

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