Glam It Up Purse Cake - Part Two



So, the key to this is the fruit choose. Well, what you wanna do is microwave them to heat them up, melt them down a little bit and then use 50% power on your microwave and make sure you don't get as many hot spots. And also make sure that you put them between parchment paper and when you're done, just take them out of the microwave, flatten them out with your fingers a bit and then roll them out to whatever size that you need. So, I've already got some done here but I'm going to use to decorate the cake and I'll just do the front part here. You wanna make the little flap of your purse. All you need to do is really stick it right on to a cake and that's going to stick really easily. Now you've go the flap. And then for the corners, you wanna make little triangles of the fruit juice and then just simply wrap those around your corners and you can user cutouts to make other shapes and designs for your purse, which is what I've done here with the flowers. I like to actually put some of the pieces together and make kind of a design and I've got this piping frosting that I'll use to stick them together. So, I use a pink one and then a small yellow one. And then you don't have to put any frosting on the back of these. These can just attach to a cake like this. You wanna make sure you got that cool stitching like most purses have. So, I've got my yellow decorators icing and I'm just going to use that to make stitches all along the borders of my pieces. So, I've got almost everything done to this cake but every person needs a handle, right? So, we're using a licorice rope here and some toothpicks, that's kind of important to help you get it into the cake. Stick it right on the top of your cake all the way down to the frosting and it might even tilt back a little bit which is kinda fun. That looks like you. Now that you're daughter has got the perfect purse, all she needs are the matching shoes.

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