Glam It Up Purse Cake - Part One



Make the perfect accessory for a girly girl birthday party. So, I'm starting with two baked 8 by 8-inch cakes. And all I'm gonna do is trim off a little later on the tops of each cake to make sure that they're really nice and flat on the top 'cause this cake has a little bit of construction. So, you need to make sure that everything is all flat and shaped up correctly. Okay. I've got pink frosting and all I'm gonna do is frost between these layers. So, just put the frosting for like good thickness on top of one of your cakes. Okay. Now that I've got that frosted, I'm simply gonna invert this outer cake on top. Put them together. And the important thing with this is that you wanna pop this into the freezer for about 30 minutes just to make sure that it's really firm and really stuck together. So, I'm gonna put that in the freezer and I'll be right back. Okay. Now that I've got this cake out of the freezer, it's been in there for 30 minutes and is nice and solid. It's gonna be a, you know, plenty cold but you'll know that's really well stuck together. So, what I'm gonna do is stand it on its side and this is going to make it a little bit easier to cut it in half. And then take your long knife. You wanna make sure you have a long serrated knife for this because it will make it a lot easier. Start with your back of the knife at one corner and in the front of the knife, at the opposite corner. Keep the cakes secure with your hand and just start sowing for the bottom. Now, the important thing is to go slow. You don't have to-- you're not raising a clock with this. You wanna make sure you keep always the back of the knife at the corner of one end and the front of the knife at the other end. So, basically you're making two diagonal cakes and there we have it. Now, what you do is I'm going to wanna stand or flip one of the cakes over and put frosting all over this side. And then I'm gonna use these two diagonal pieces to create our purse shape. And then basically, you can do it one of two ways. You can take the smooth side of this other cake and set it on top like this or you can set both cakes on end like this and slide them together. And then you just wanna press them together a bit just to make sure the frosting is adhering to both cakes. And you've got yourself a triangle. Okay. Now that I've got it upright, I'm gonna make a few trims to make it look more like a purse. So, the first trim I'm gonna do is cut about oh, an inch to two inches off the top. So, just start at one side with your knife and work your way all the way to the other side. The other cut I'm going to make is I'm just gonna taper the sides a little bit just to make it more authentic. So, I'll start an inch or two again in from one side on the top and just kind of work your way towards the corner on the bottom of the cake. And that's another scrap. And we'll do the same thing on the other side. Now, we're ready to frost the cake and we're using pink again, surprise, surprise. That same pink frosting that you started with. So, you don't have to get this totally smooth because you're gonna be adding a lot of different decorations to the purse to glam it up. And so it doesn't matter. It's totally smooth or you could add a little bit of texture to the purse if you wanna add kind of a different flair too. Okay. I'm putting the last finishing touches on my frosting. And now, we're gonna get ready to decorate and glam up this cake.

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