Fish Cake



Fishing around for a great birthday cake to make? This idea is a keeper. Now all I've got is a 9 x 13 baked cake and you can make your own or you can even buy one from the store. And I've got this great fish template that you can download online. Or you can actually just free-hand it, which isn't too hard because fish is a pretty easy shape to make. Then place it on top of your cake and just a little knife and cut out around your fish design, and we'll get rid of all of our scraps to reveal our fish. And I think you'll be able to find something to do with that extra cake. Now, for the frosting, all I've got is some canned white frosting that I've tinted orange with some orange food coloring, and I'm gonna use that to frost my cake. Now that you've got your fish frosted, we're gonna just add the decorative toppers. So I've got a gum [unk] that I'm going to add for the eye, just press that in wherever you'd like. And then take some licorice, the really thin string kind and separate the face from the body by laying and kind of curving it around into a half moon shape and pressing it into the frosting just like that. Now for the tail, we're gonna add some little stripes too. So you wanna kinda measure your tail and make cuts in your licorice that are about that length. Again, you're using the thin licorice and the strips and then just add them to your tail. Alright, he's coming together but he needs some scales, right? So for this really easy trick, I'm gonna use a spoon, really the back of the spoon and just press it into the frosting and pull it out just really gently. And so it's kind of important that you make a fairly thick layer of frosting on the top there so that you have plenty of frosting to dip out for your scales. And for this, it's helpful to do this while the frosting is still fairly fresh. Once the frosting firms up, it'd be a little bit trickier to get, you know, nice scales. Alright. Now that we're all done with that, that's it. I mean seriously, that could not be simpler and I know that your kids will love this for their next birthday pool party.

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